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Gürcafer: We will force the formation of a reform government after the election

Gürcafer: We will force the formation of a reform government after the election

President of the Cyprus Turkish Building Contractors Association Cafer Gürcafer noted that the UBP-DP-YDP minority government left a wreckage and stated that they will force the formation of a reform government after the election.

Publish Date: 16/10/21 11:45
reading time: 10 min.
Gürcafer: We will force the formation of a reform government after the election
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Cafer Gürcafer, President of the Cyprus Turkish Building Contractors Association (KTİMB), stated that the UBP-DP-YDP minority government has left a wreckage and that they will force the formation of a reform government after the election. Stating that they will do a serious work to increase productivity in this country with the new government, Gürcafer said, "Work should be done by considering the socio-economic plan of this country, sector by sector."

Gürcafer was a guest of the program "About Today" prepared and presented by Nazar Erişkin on Cyprus Genç TV and made important statements regarding the agenda.


 CTIMB President Cafer Gürcafer stated that the UBP-DP-YDP minority government left a wreckage behind and said, "The important thing is not the change in power, we need a change in mentality."

Stating that the economic situation of the country is very bad, Gürcafer said:

“From an economic point of view, the country is in a very bad state. From time to time, our politicians, prime minister and ministers say nice words such as "We are getting better, we are getting better, we are flying, we will live forever", but this is not the reality. There is a country in ruins. E.g; There are politicians who present routine maintenance such as road construction, school building, as if they were development. Unfortunately, we also applaud that. However, in developed countries, for example, once every 7 years, the road falls apart. These are routine maintenance of needs. It is not development. Today, many apartments do not have the money to buy disinfectants. They can't afford toilet paper. What success are you talking about?

The important thing is not power changes, we need a change in mentality. With this mentality, this country is doomed to experience them.”


Noting that there are deputies in this country who have spent an election period solving the problems of individuals with the phone in their hands and are used to it, Cafer Gürcafer said, “This is all it takes with these. We need to know. As long as we choose them, they will be. 'We need to create an economy that stands on its own feet'. Ok, how do we create this? By talking on the phone? For this, it is necessary to think, to make projects, to make laws, to make regulations, to make circulars and to work for this.”

CTIMB President Cafer Gürcafer said: This government has left a wreckage behind. Why are we going to Turkey? We go to ask for money, to stay in power or to ask for support in order to win at the congress. So I went and saw; TRNC and T.C. There is no institutional structure between them. Turkey does not have a project to raise the TRNC, to create a state that stands on its own feet, or to create such a political structure. There is no socio-economic development plan prepared to revive the TRNC economy on a scientific basis.

Investments are not shaped according to economic development. A specific plan is not within the framework of the project. For example, an Organized Industrial Zone is being built in Güvercinlik. So what will happen inside this organized industrial zone? Roads will be built here, infrastructure will be built, distributed to someone, okay. What will happen in it that will provide employment, contribute to the country's economy, increase production and contribute, increase exports, contribute to per capita national income, and create an economy that stands on its own feet? Is there a study on this? No. So why was this decision made? Bought for populism. T.R. It is necessary to establish an institutional structure between the TRNC and the TRNC, and to shape the relationship within the framework of a plan and project to be put forward by the TRNC. Because the people of this country know the needs of this country.”


 KTİMB President Gürcafer stated that the Cyprus Turkish Construction Contractors Association, the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce, related to the rise of the country's economy, to create a self-sufficient economy, to increase production, employment and per capita national income. He said that the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry, the Cyprus Turkish Hoteliers Association, the Cyprus Turkish Businessmen's Association, the Northern Cyprus Young Businessmen's Association had many works, but not one of them was realized.

Cafer Gürcafer said, "Because there is no government structure that cares about this," said Cafer Gürcafer, "That's why this mentality needs to change."

Gürcafer said, “Maybe 10 percent of the ministers, directors, undersecretaries, the institutions and organizations appointed by them, who are supposed to be on duty to manage this country, are thinking about solving these problems. The sensitivity of the other 90 percent is congress, election, being a candidate, not being a candidate. Unless this mentality changes, we cannot stand up. It is the people who will change this mentality, we are the people,” he said.

 “It is a disgrace that the government is unable to pay salaries”

 Commenting on the rhetoric that the government requested an appointment from Vice President Fuat Oktay due to the "salary crisis", but this request was rejected, Cafer Gürcafer said, "What put us in this situation They should be ashamed,” he said.

CTBCA President Cafer Gürcafer used the following statements on the subject:

“Mr. Fuat Oktay is the Vice President of the Republic of Turkey. The president or government gave him a task. You are the minister responsible for 'Cyprus'. Go, raise the economy of the TRNC, etc.' he said. He couldn't either. It did not happen. When you look from his window, there is a failure. In such a failure, when the end of the month comes, you go and ask for money and salary. In fact, those who put us in this situation should be ashamed. It is a shame for us that the government will not be able to pay salaries at the end of the month. This country has the resources to pay its own salaries and make its own investments. All we need is to bring such troublesome people to the administration of the country. This change must be experienced within all parties.”


Expressing that all segments of the country are uncomfortable with the current order, Cafer Gürcafer expressed that he is hopeful for the coming period in this context.

Noting that the Assembly should definitely be renewed, Gürcafer noted that the search for a long-term reform-like government will be at the forefront in the coming period.

Gürcafer made the following statements in his comment on the subject:

“I am speaking from my own observations. There is discomfort in all segments and I think that the value judgments of the voters will differ and a different structure will emerge on the basis of what I have said. Walking further with the current parliament without an election would harm this country. The parliament is tired, it has lost its efficiency. This assembly definitely needs to be renewed.

In the coming period, the search for a long-term reform-like government will be at the forefront. These give hope. We, as NGOs, will also contribute to this. We must do serious work with the new government in order to increase productivity in this country. All sectors in this country need to be touched.

If we can do this, relations with Turkey will also improve. Otherwise it will be even worse. I am disturbed that Turkey is constantly intervening. But I don't think Turkey is happy about it either. If you make your own socio-economic development plan and make a plan about gaining your economic freedom, I don't think Turkey will come and say to you, 'You will not make this plan, you will not gain your own economic freedom'.


CTIMB President Cafer Gürcafer noted that there is a search for change among many political parties that will focus on more conciliatory, more qualified, economic and political freedom as much as possible, and that he attaches great importance to the National Unity Party's congress in this context.

Gürcafer said: “Signs of a mentality change are coming. There is a search for an economy that is disturbed by all these experiences and stands on its own feet. This is a good sign. This is also true of other political parties. Within many political parties, there is a search for change that will focus on works that are more conciliatory, more qualified, and can gain economic and political freedom as much as possible. As a people, we need to support this.

If we do these things, I believe that we can create a different parliament, a more sensitive, realistic parliamentary structure that is more willing to act together, to partnerships, and that is more nervous about the awareness of the public in the next government term.

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