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Arıklı: We are ready for the election

Arıklı: We are ready for the election

It was reported that the badges of 105 people who had just joined the paw were worn at the participation and certificate ceremony organized by YDP last night.

Publish Date: 24/10/21 13:25
reading time: 3 min.
Arıklı: We are ready for the election
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At the participation and mandate ceremony organized by the Rebirth Party (YDP) last night, the badges of 105 people who had just joined the paw were affixed and their mandates were given to those who took charge in the district administration. Speaking at the night, Chairman Arıklı gave the message that 'we are ready for the election'.

According to the statement made by the YDP Press Office, 105 new members joined the YDP at the participation and registration ceremony held last night.

Speaking at the participation ceremony, Nicosia District President Suphi Asiltürk said, “The Rebirth Party has always been a party that values ​​the organization and attaches importance to jurisprudence. Our Chairman is also a leader who believes in the power and function of organizations. Under the leadership of our General Prime Minister, we continue on our way with the energy we receive from you, and we welcome our new friends who have joined us.”

On the other hand, Secretary General Enver Öztürk said that as the YDP, they did not enter the government voluntarily, but they were forced to enter the government in order not to leave the country without a government even though they knew very well that these problems would arise. Ozturk; “A planned perception operation is being carried out on YDP. There is an atmosphere as if YDP is responsible for all the negativities in the country. We are on the field to destroy this perception operation. YDP will be the party that formed the government after the elections. No one can prevent this,” he said.

Making the last speech at the ceremony, Chairman Erhan Arıklı said, “YDP is fighting on many fronts. We are the only deputy and the only ministry, but we will emerge from this war by disappointing our opponents and enemies, and the YDP is the only party that will defeat the fate of the country in the coming period," he said.

Arıklı continued his words as follows:

“I hope we will continue our struggle in our cause, which we have undertaken on behalf of our nation, in a stronger and more determined manner in the coming period; I have full faith in that. Whatever we have done so far, we have done for you, and we will continue to do it for you. Whatever problem we have been able to overcome until today, we have come again thanks to your prayers and support. The more we work, strive and sweat for you, the more our people took care of us. With this understanding, we tried to do our best in every field from economy to infrastructure, from industry to trade, we are working and we will continue to do so.”

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