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“The 72-hour test result application at the entrances should be stopped”

“The 72-hour test result application at the entrances should be stopped”

Cyprus Turkish Travel Agencies Association (KITSAB) requested that the "72-hour negative PCR/Antigen test result" application, which is sought for people who are double vaccinated or who have had the disease, from orange countries.

Publish Date: 12/11/21 16:29
reading time: 3 min.
“The 72-hour test result application at the entrances should be stopped”
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In the statement made by KITSAB, it was stated that accepting passengers from abroad is of great importance in order to revitalize the economy, and it was stated that the PCR / Antigen tests applied to the guests coming from the orange category countries upon their arrival at Ercan Airport reduced the current service capacity of Ercan Airport and made it difficult to implement.

In the statement, it was argued that the passengers visiting the country were aggrieved due to the lack of personnel in Ercan, the inability to bring the new terminal building into service yet and the lack of investment in the existing terminal building.

“Our travel agencies are experiencing great difficulties while accepting passengers and a very bad impression is left on the country's tourism.

Ercan Airport, which is the gateway of our country to the world, needs to be relieved immediately with some regulations, and the grievances of passengers and travel agencies should be prevented. The 72-hour negative PCR/Antigen test result, which is sought for guests from Orange countries who are double-vaccinated and/or have had the disease, should be terminated, taking into account the progress made in the successful epidemic management and vaccination program.

As a matter of fact, this practice has come to an end in many European countries that have been successful in the fight against the epidemic. With the end of this practice, we believe that the backlog during the test operations at Ercan Airport will come to an end and touristic activity will be supported. It is clear that such a mobilization will help strengthen all our businesses by supporting the revival in the economy.

We call on our government to take urgent measures in this regard and announce that we will continue to closely follow the developments in this matter.”

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