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Nikos Anastasiadis: Turkey's threats are best handled 'diplomatically'

Nikos Anastasiadis: Turkey's threats are best handled 'diplomatically'

President of the Greek Cypriot Administration Nikos Anastasiades claimed that "Turkey's threats will be handled in the best diplomatic way".

Publish Date: 17/11/21 16:35
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Nikos Anastasiadis: Turkey's threats are best handled 'diplomatically'
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According to the news in Politis and other newspapers, Anastasiades said, "There is an interest in Turkish provocations from the European side," when asked by Brussels that there was a delay in the European Union's decision regarding the alleged Turkish activities in the closed area of ​​Maraş.

Answering journalists' questions about the results of the meeting of the EU Foreign Ministers on his arrival at the Economist conference, Anastasiades claimed that "Turkey's threats are both considered and will be dealt with in the best diplomatic way".

Stating that there is interest in the issue from the European side, Anastasiades stated that an information report will be discussed next week and said, "In this report, unfortunately, what happened and what is happening is recorded."

In the news, following the conclusion of the EU Foreign Relations Council meeting, the EU High Representative Joseph Borrell, responsible for foreign policy issues, will present an options document in response to Turkey's actions in Varosha to be presented at the next EU Foreign Relations Council meeting to be held on 13 December. It was also stated that the process related to the preparation and presentation has begun.

According to the "information obtained", the newspaper said that Borrell informed the Foreign Ministers about the preparation process of the document during the handling of the issue, while at the same time the relevant unit of the European Commission said, "With the aerial photographs of the base that Turkey has built for unmanned aerial vehicles in Geçitkale, Maraş and also extensively referred to the report in which the situation in occupied Famagusta was fully recorded”.

The newspaper also stated that “diplomatic sources” stated that the Greek Cypriot side wanted the document to include political and legal options, rather than targeted sanctions.


In the statement made by the President of the Greek Cypriot Administration, Nikos Anastasiadis, the newspaper also commented on the Crans Montana conference minutes published by the Fileleftheros newspaper, and that Anastasiades defended that "he did everything he had to do to be constructive and creative in order to reach a solution that would be accepted by both communities". forwarded.

Anastasiades, also referring to the security issue and claiming that "this is the first time it has emerged after his own activities", said that "this has never been discussed before, on the other hand, the important statement mentioning the outdated guarantees system and the need to find another method of providing security, if necessary, was made on 4 July 2017 by the UN General Assembly. He claimed that it was very well known that it was done after the meeting with his secretary.

Anastasiades added that “therefore, what I said then and want to repeat now is that the reason for the collapse of the effort was Turkey's insistence on the continuation of guarantees and an increase in the number of occupation forces in relation to the proposal for the presence of a military unit for a time, as stipulated by the 1960 Agreement.” .

According to the news in the newspaper Fileleftheros, Anastasiades, in response to the criticisms he received from the opposition, asked the question "Is what is being asked of him to accept what Turkey demands?"

Anastasiades, who said that it was not the President of the Greek Cypriot Administration who was subjected to criticism regarding AKEL's criticism, added that "if what they want is not the guarantees, the presence of the military and my acceptance of what Turkey wants, it is the Hellenism of Cyprus that is subjected to criticism when the responsibility is taken".

Stating that AKEL responded to Anastasiades and asked the question "why did it not accept the mechanism that nullifies the Turkish guarantees", the newspaper said, while EDEK said in a statement that the continued disclosure of information from the Crans Montana conference "inexplicably confirms Turkey's intentions and expansionist goals." He wrote that he conveyed his opinion.

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