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Resimiye Canaltay: The target is public transportation... We will take a step after January 23

Resimiye Canaltay: The target is public transportation... We will take a step after January 23

Officially Eroğlu Canaltay, Minister of Public Works and Transport, said, "We had a meeting with a delegation from Turkey last week. Work has begun. The infrastructure of the Public Transport Master Plan is being prepared. We will take a step in this regard after January 23."

Publish Date: 11/01/22 18:14
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Resimiye Canaltay: The target is public transportation... We will take a step after January 23
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The Minister of Public Works and Transport officialye Eroğlu CANALTAY emphasized that the priority of the government to be formed after the election will be economic reforms. Canaltay announced that some arrangements will be made at the border gates to ease the crossings from the south in order to alleviate the economic problems that started with the increase in the foreign exchange.

Canaltay, who made important statements by participating in the "Sabah with Haluk Yerli" program broadcast on Kıbrıs TV, stated that next week, together with the officials of the Planning and Construction Department of the ministry, they will go to the border gates and start working to ease the crossings.

Noting that economic problems have increased due to the Kovid-19 epidemic and the subsequent rise in foreign currency, Canaltay pointed out that the transitions from the south should be relieved for the relief of the public in this regard.


Underlining that all segments of the society should come together and ponder for economic development after the elections, Canaltay said, “There is an economic crisis in the country. This can only be overcome with projects and reforms. We need social consensus on this issue. As the National Unity Party (UBP), we are ready for this.”

Officially Eroğlu CANALTAY stated that there is a lot of demand in the country, but the sacrifices to be made in return are not discussed, and it is time to discuss what we will give in return to get rid of the economic bottleneck, “Our priority as the government is the economy. After the January 23 elections, we plan to produce many projects for development by giving priority to economic reforms.”


He stated that although the Ministry of Public Works and Transport does not have a budget, important investments have been made in the highway infrastructure thanks to the Republic of Turkey, and they have cleared the way for these investments by solving the expropriation problems that could not be resolved for years.

Canaltay stated that they solved the expropriation problems by motivating people, the motivation here is not money, but "do you want to hinder the development of the country or help?" He said he had a question.

Explaining that this is how they solved the expropriation problems on the Nicosia Northern Ring Road and the Lefke-Guzelyurt Divided Main Road, Canaltay continued his words as follows:

“Lefke has a very spiritual value for me. Sheikh Nazim Kıbrısi Lodge and Soli Ruins are there. The fact that it is an Ottoman land caused me to look at it differently. For this reason, we moved the trees and dairy on the road route to other places by talking to people, with practical solutions, without making anyone suffer.

The Land Registry Office was very helpful in this regard. We built a good team and thanks to this team working in harmony, we solved the problems together with the public.”

Canaltay stated that the project of the Dipkarpaz-Monastery Road, which will be built with a width of six meters, which is of great importance for the country's tourism, has been prepared and that the construction works on this road and the Değirmenlik-Çatalköy (Girne mountain) Road and the Balalan-Yenierenköy Road will continue in the coming period. he did.


Noting that as a ministry, they have done good works, Canaltay said that there were projects for which time was not enough, along with the works that could not be done:

“We did not have enough time for public transport. Our bureaucrats went to Turkey and worked on how to adapt the model there. We even had a meeting with a delegation from Turkey last week. The works have begun. The infrastructure of the Public Transport Master Plan is being prepared. After January 23, we will also take steps in this regard.”

Mentioning other developments in transportation, Canaltay, Minister of Public Works and Transport, stated that the new Ercan Airport is expected to be completed in the next summer months, and that the said delay was experienced due to falling revenues and delayed orders due to the pandemic, and said, "There is a very serious expense, but it has been eight years. It was not a project that could not be completed in eight years. Airports in Turkey are completed in a few months. It would have ended if he wanted to."

Speaking on the subject of Sea Ports, Canaltay stated that domestic investors offer very good projects in this regard and that he is in favor of paving the way for domestic investors. Canaltay stated that there is an opinion that Famagusta Port, which is operated as a freight port, will be moved to Kalecik, and Famagusta Port will be used as a tourism port with the transfer of the Free Port to Mesarya. stated that it would appear.

“People TRUST UBP”

Canaltay stated that the process leading to the elections on January 23 was overshadowed by economic problems and the pandemic, and noted that despite all this, the people would give their support with a seal because of the trust placed in UBP.

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