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Canaltay: There is a need for unity in politics

Canaltay: There is a need for unity in politics

UBP Deputy, Minister of Public Works and Transport Canaltay said that there is a need for unity in politics and that people should support each other without breaking each other.

Publish Date: 18/01/22 08:52
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Canaltay: There is a need for unity in politics
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National Unity Party (UBP) Deputy, Minister of Public Works and Transport Resmiye Canaltay said that there is a need for unity in politics and that people should support each other without breaking each other.

Canaltay said, “We have to succeed for the country, for our youth and for our children. If we go with the same mindset, we can't succeed," he said.

According to the information given by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Canaltay made evaluations in a television program he attended.

Canaltay said, "One of the most important words of Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu is that 2022 will be the year of development of the country with economy, reform and projects," and noted that they will continue to do their part as a ministry in this regard.

Pointing out that the project for the renewal of 322km village roads, signed with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey, continues, Canaltay said, “We have road projects from Apostolos Andreas Monastery to Güvercinlik, from there to Gaziköy, from Yılmazköy to Tepebaşı, and from there to Lapta. The country has now turned into a construction site. With the new roads, besides the opportunity of safe travel, time and fuel savings will be provided.

Noting that in 2022, 322km of village roads will be completed, as well as the Highways Department will be strengthened in vehicle-equipment maintenance, Canaltay stated that they aim to renew the road signs within this year.

Noting that the ministry has fulfilled its duty on the Alsancak Road issue, Canaltay said that they expect the Ministry of Finance and the Central Tender Commission to complete the necessary work and go out to tender.

In addition, Canaltay underlined that they started each home fiber-optic infrastructure project by determining pilot regions and noted that this project will be completed in 2022.

Stating that the Traffic Department has projects in the fields of public transportation and traffic safety in addition to digitalization, Canaltay said, “I believe that we will make a revolution in this regard in 2022 with the implementation of the Public Transport Master Plan. We will solve the problem of public transportation through cooperation or another formation.”

Canaltay stated that Famagusta Port Authority and Famagusta Package Post Office will start to serve in a new building restored in Famagusta Port, and Girne Package Post Office will be moved to another restored building in Girne Harbor and will serve the public in much better conditions in 2022. He stated that they will implement many projects for disabled citizens.

Stating that they are thinking about what can be done about the Famagusta Port and that the issue can be finalized with a government decision, Minister Canaltay stated that local business people have a very good project to transform the Famagusta Port into a tourism port and continued as follows:

“It is on the agenda to move the Famagusta Port to Kaleci, and the free port to mesarya with its customs. If our local business people want to invest in these issues, it is necessary to pave the way for them as well. I am not against foreign investors, but the same opportunities given to foreign investors should be recognized for domestic investors. Let's be open to all kinds of investors, but let's not close our eyes to our own investors. The fate of the ports depends on the government's decision. If a decision is taken in this direction, I know that the projects of our local business people and other business people are ready.”

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