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Food insecurity deepened by the climate crisis threatens hundreds of thousands of children

Food insecurity deepened by the climate crisis threatens hundreds of thousands of children

All Children are Ours Association Board Member Aytül Yüksel said that children in disadvantaged countries are most affected by food insecurity, which has deepened with the climate crisis.

Publish Date: 23/11/22 15:43
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Food insecurity deepened by the climate crisis threatens hundreds of thousands of children
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According to the report "Dangerous Delay 2: The Price of Inaction", prepared by the Oxfam Confederation and Save the Children Fund, which is formed by the union of 21 independent charities of British origin, the ongoing conflicts in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, the coronavirus pandemic and the Ukraine Due to the inflationary environment and market pressures escalated by the ongoing war in Turkey, as well as food insecurity as a result of the effects of climate change, 181 million people are facing crisis-level hunger.

In the report, which estimates that one person dies every 48 seconds due to acute hunger, the report emphasized that while the climate crisis escalates the needs, it also increases the risks of conflict and displacement due to extreme weather events such as drought.

Reminding that a quarter of a million people lost their lives due to the famine that Somalia suffered in 2011 and half of them were children under the age of 5, the report said, "The number of people facing crisis-level hunger in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia has increased from 10 million to 23 million since last year, reaching two million people. It has increased more than a fold.” statements were included.

The report predicts that if current trends continue, the annual number of climate-related global disasters will rise from 400 in 2015 to 560 by 2030. It's a question of 'better and fairer spending' to reduce the financial disparity between those who contribute the most and those who contribute the least." evaluation was made.


All Children are Ours Association Board Member and Environmental Engineer Aytül Yüksel evaluated the situation of children living in vulnerable communities affected by climate change and the risks they face to AA correspondent.

Stating that the climate crisis most heavily affects disadvantaged countries that are socially, financially and environmentally unprepared, have a low average income, and have widespread social injustice, Yüksel said that climatic effects such as extreme drought trigger the food crisis.

Yuksel said:

"If it is an economically strong country, it can find solutions even if it is not sustainable with food imports from other countries. However, countries with low incomes are in complete despair. Therefore, children who are at the disadvantage of the disadvantaged are affected the most. They can neither be healthy nor go to school. They even fight for life and death. Even though they lived and grew up by accident, in this environment of desperation, they get involved in the maelstrom of war in their country."


Noting that children who are exposed to hunger conditions due to drought and food crisis face various problems in fulfilling their educational, health and social needs, Yüksel stated that the "end hunger" item of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals is highly related to the item "climate action". he did.

More than ten items among the Sustainable Development Goals such as "healthy individuals", "quality education", "gender equality", "clean water and sanitation", "peace", "justice" and "strong institutions" are linked to the climate crisis. Pointing out that this is the case, Yüksel said, "Although the rates related to hunger show that there is an improvement, it is still far away for the set 2030 target. However, the resources are right next to us." shared his opinion.

Yuksel continued:

"Great food waste on the one hand, children starving on the other. It is really not difficult to solve this with systemic and radical changes. A fair sharing can alleviate the consequences of climate change and accelerate the adaptation process. A child who has a full stomach and regains his health can return to play and learning. He will be open to improvement and may not even think about getting involved in dead ends like war."


Referring to the effects of the crises caused by climate change on the future of children, Yüksel said, "Even though the climate crisis is due to the choices of us and the adults before us, it is the children who face the consequences." he said.

Emphasizing that children whose basic needs such as nutrition, shelter and security are not met are deprived of their right to learn and develop, Yüksel reminded that the flood disaster in Pakistan in the past months has hindered children's right to education.

Yuksel, "Due to the flood disaster in Pakistan, 40 percent of the schools across the country were flooded. Because of the children who cannot reach education, they will have to struggle with the consequences of the social trauma they face as a country." he concluded his speech.

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