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Reaction to the UN Secretary General's reports

Reaction to the UN Secretary General's reports

It has been reported that there was a reaction from the Greek Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the President of the Greek Cypriot Administration, Nikos Anastasiades, to the reports regarding the Goodwill Mission and the mandate of UNFICYP, officially presented by the UN Secretary General to the UN Security Council.

Publish Date: 12/01/23 15:16
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Reaction to the UN Secretary General's reports
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Alithia newspaper, in its news titled "Hard Criticism from Foreign Affairs to the UN", wrote that in the statement made yesterday by the Greek Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the reports of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres's Goodwill Mission and UNFICYP were harshly criticized.

According to the news, in the statement of the Greek Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in summary, "We expected the UN Secretary General to report the events of the last six months impartially and accurately in both reports," and added, "The Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Ertugruloglu, Mr. It cannot be equated with the rhetoric of Tatar and Turkish officials.”

Claiming that "anything outside the agreed framework should not have been included in the reports by the representatives of the UN Secretary General," the statement asserted that the local election results in the TRNC revealed that Turkish Cypriots did not adopt Turkey's theses.

The newspaper reported that Greek Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades responded to the questions of journalists on this issue yesterday and said that "of course he was not satisfied with the content of the report, but it should not be forgotten that these are draft reports and diplomatic efforts are ongoing to make necessary corrections".

Anastasiades, when asked about his opinion on the opening of the Taksim Field, said, “For this reason, I say that the UN should be particularly impartial and careful, and that the orders and parameters of the Security Council decisions should be included in the activities or various reports of the UN Secretary General and his deputies.” spoke.

Politis newspaper, on the other hand, gave its news on the subject under the headline "We Are Against the UN Secretary General", and wrote that the Greek Cypriot side believed that the draft report of the Secretary General did not reflect the facts and did not reveal the real reason for the impasse.

The newspaper also included the statements of Anastasiades and the Greek Cypriot Foreign Ministry in its news.

Related news on Fileleftheros “UN Secretary General's Reports Not Appreciated”; It was featured in Haravgi with the headline “UN Secretary General Sees Lack of Common Ground for a Joint Agreed Solution”.

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