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PM Üstel: Our First Goal is to Create a Development Program

PM Üstel: Our First Goal is to Create a Development Program

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel stated that the country has not had a development plan for a long time, and their first goal is to create a short, medium, and long-term development program. Üstel announced that this development program will be completed by March 2024.

Publish Date: 25/09/23 14:09
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PM Üstel: Our First Goal is to Create a Development Program
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During his visits to Karaoğlanoğlu, Çatalköy, and Esentepe as part of his village tours, Ünal Üstel, the leader of the National Unity Party (UBP) and the Prime Minister, emphasized that the government has fulfilled its promises since taking office and that the highest level of consultation is being carried out with the Republic of Turkey regarding laws and reforms.

After the opening of the Parliament, Üstel stated that many new legislative regulations will be made for the welfare of the people, and the first item on their agenda will be the country's development plan. He said, "For a long time, there hasn't been a development plan in the country, and this will be the first item on our agenda. We will update the national physical plan to restructure and improve the country. We will address population and infrastructure issues in every district," and added that they will have a meeting with the relevant ministry in Turkey next week.

Üstel also mentioned their plans to create a short, medium, and long-term development program, which he stated would be completed by March 2024.

Touching on the e-government issue, Üstel stated that e-government will be implemented in 2024, and the country will transition to a digital era, breaking away from its cumbersome structure.

Üstel also revealed that rural land plots are being distributed in rural areas, and social housing projects are being prepared for cities. He announced that they would unveil a new 10-year credit package in this regard. He stated that efforts would be made to increase the cost of living allowance to two or three times a year in 2024 and that there would also be amendments regarding the salaries of those entering the workforce with the Migration Law.

Discussing road works, Üstel stated that 90% of the expropriation problems regarding the Girne Eastern Ring Road have been resolved, and construction will begin once all issues are resolved. He also noted that the first phase of the Alsancak-Karşıyaka project has been completed, and work on the second phase will start soon.

Üstel concluded by saying, "2024 will be better than 2023," and emphasized that economic and financial cooperation protocols signed with the Republic of Turkey would be implemented for the welfare of the people.

Regarding medicine corruption, he stated that such illegal practices were unacceptable, especially when there was a shortage of medicine in the country, and he assured that those responsible would be held accountable.

Üstel also mentioned Ercan Airport and said that deficiencies would be addressed quickly to increase the number of passengers and aircraft. He noted that strict measures would be taken on entry and exit to the country with the start of the e-visa application and emphasized that the country's roadmap would be determined until 2033. Üstel also announced that the construction of the Champion Angels Monument Graves would begin on Tuesday.

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