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ChatGPT Enhances Real-Time Information Gathering

ChatGPT Enhances Real-Time Information Gathering

The ChatGPT artificial intelligence program has reached an important milestone as it can now directly retrieve data from the internet and gather real-time updated information, according to its creator OpenAI.

Publish Date: 30/09/23 13:39
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ChatGPT Enhances Real-Time Information Gathering
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Until now, the program's responses to users' everyday language questions were based on a broad database. However, it relied on data up to 2021 for generating responses.

This limitation had constrained the accuracy and comprehensiveness of responses provided by the chatbot, which has garnered attention since its release in November.

In June, OpenAI introduced a paid subscription plan for ChatGPT, enabling it to extract information from the internet in a bid to improve its responses.

Source: OpenAI (via TAK)

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