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Erhürman: The Country is Going Through Extremely Troubling Times

Erhürman: The Country is Going Through Extremely Troubling Times

CTP (Republican Turkish Party) leader Tufan Erhürman, in his speech at the first session of the Third Legislative Year of the Tenth Term of the Parliament, said that the country is going through an extremely troubled and dark period, with the people losing confidence and security, and that the purchasing power has fallen.

Publish Date: 02/10/23 13:28
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Erhürman: The Country is Going Through Extremely Troubling Times
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In the opening session of the Tenth Term, Third Legislative Year of the Parliament, which began with a ceremonial meeting under the chairmanship of President Zorlu Töre,  Erhürman condemned the bombing attack in front of the Ministry of Interior in Ankara.

While Erhürman emphasized that the speeches made during the opening of the legislative year are ceremonial, he said that it is not possible to make today's speeches within these boundaries, and that the country's conditions do not allow it.

Erhürman said that the public does not feel safe, does not feel peace, does not predict its future, and that its purchasing power has decreased. He said that there is a very active period in the construction sector, but when looking at this sector, Turkish Cypriots are not in the buyer position, and the alienation situation in the intermediary and operator is increasing.

Erhürman, reading the decision on exceptional citizenship of the Council of Ministers dated September 20, criticized that a businessman, who is the owner of a company, has to be made a TRNC citizen compulsory because he established a company. He asked why it was necessary to make this person a citizen.

Erhürman said that impoverishment can be reversed but alienation cannot, and he claimed that there is serious alienation in the country, and Turkish Cypriots face "alienation."

Erhürman said that a long-term development plan must pass through the Assembly, and added that no one knows about the plan, and it was announced to the public without anyone's knowledge.

Erhürman reminded that there was no consultation with the main opposition, stating that it is not possible to prepare a long-term development plan without a population policy.

"Your concern is not to do reforms, but to do ceremonies and shows," said Erhürman, and said that directors, board of directors chairmen and members, and ministers are constantly changed, and institutional memory is damaged.

Erhürman, evaluating that the parliament's new politics and a common ground for the defense of the rights of the Turkish Cypriot people on the island disappeared with the new politics, said that the Turkish Cypriots were "deep-frozen."

Erhürman argued that the government causes the judiciary to feel threatened and that non-governmental organizations and unions are trying to be discredited.

Erhürman criticized the education system, saying that an opportunity inequality has been created between private and public, two pictures are in the textbook, the traditional South Cyprus costume is written under one picture, and the traditional North Cyprus costume is written under the other picture, but such a thing does not exist, false information is given.

Erhürman said that 12-13-year-old children do not want to live in this country, they say "I will leave this country," families also say to children "get a job, don't come", purchasing power has decreased, young people cannot buy a house and a car, do not feel safe, and that democracy and freedom of thought are trying to be restricted.

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