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PCR test in Turkey will only be performed on people showing symptoms.

PCR test in Turkey will only be performed on people showing symptoms.

T.R. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said, "Our Scientific Committee has removed the PCR test requirement for screening and contact persons. From now on, PCR testing will only be performed on people showing symptoms."

Publish Date: 12/01/22 23:41
reading time: 5 min.
PCR test in Turkey will only be performed on people showing symptoms.
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Health Minister of the Republic of Turkey, Fahrettin Koca, made a statement on YouTube after the Coronavirus Scientific Committee Meeting, which was held by video conference method, and said that the committee met with the course of the epidemic, the vaccine program and the results of the local vaccine TURKOVAC, test policies, quarantine and isolation rules.

Emphasizing that they have been on the side of science in all the decisions taken since the first day of the epidemic and act without breaking away from the real life data and the realities of social life, Koca stated that they see it as their most important responsibility to inform the citizens as soon as possible and in the clearest way.

Minister Koca, noting that the Omicron variant has become the dominant variant in Turkey as well as on a global scale, stated that the number of cases has increased by about 4 times compared to the previous month, and that there has been an increase of approximately 10 percent in the number of patients who need to be treated in hospitals. .

Explaining that they saw fewer cases and higher hospitalizations in the previous periods of the epidemic, Koca gave the following information:

"The Omicron variant seems to reduce the danger of the epidemic. We look forward to this situation with hope. In addition, we continue to take our precautions. Although a lower proportion of those infected are hospitalized compared to the early stages of the epidemic, the capacity of any health system is not unlimited. "Even if the hospitalization rate is low, it may turn into a high number of inpatients. This is the worst scenario we do not want to see. The current trend strengthens our belief that this promising scenario will come true, not this worst scenario."


Minister Koca, reminding that the domestic vaccine TURKOVAC has been added to the vaccination program, expressed that they are extremely pleased with the interest of the citizens in the domestic vaccine. Pointing out that TURKOVAC's primary vaccination phase-3 results conducted at Hacettepe University were announced today by the scientists who conducted the study, Koca said:

"The results obtained from 1182 volunteers in the phase-3 phase were shared with the public. It has been shown that our TURKOVAC vaccine is more effective than the Sinovac vaccine, which is the comparator arm. 44 volunteers in the phase-1 phase of our TURKOVAC vaccine, 250 in the phase-2 phase, 222 volunteers in the phase-2b phase and phase-2b phase. -In the 3 reminder dose study, our vaccine was approved for emergency use with the safety data obtained from 4 thousand 244 volunteers. The criteria of the World Health Organization predict that the safety study will be confirmed in more than 3 thousand volunteers. In this respect, it has been determined that our domestic vaccine is safe, with a total of 5 thousand 942 studies. It was confirmed. Emergency use approval was given considering these data. No one should hesitate to say out loud that we can use our TURKOVAC vaccine safely."


Reminding that some of the decisions taken regarding the last period of the epidemic were shared in writing after the previous meeting, Koca continued his words as follows:

"In today's Scientific Committee, it has been decided not to quarantine persons who have had their vaccination and reminder dose. Regarding isolation, all of the positive cases can leave isolation without being tested after completing the isolation for 7 days. Our Scientific Committee, taking into account the rules applied in developed countries and the prevalence level of the disease, for screening purposes. and has removed the obligation for PCR testing in contacts. From now on, PCR testing will only be performed on people showing symptoms. I want you to know that we will continue to do our best to remove the epidemic from our agenda."

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