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Erdoğan speaks on Cyprus Issue

Erdoğan speaks on Cyprus Issue

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Thursday said that a mutually beneficial solution based on the realities on the island needs to be found to the Cyprus Problem.

Publish Date: 13/01/22 23:56
reading time: 2 min.
Erdoğan speaks on Cyprus Issue
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He said that the recognition of the sovereign equality and equal international status of the Turkish Cypriot people will pave the way for a settlement on the island.

Speaking to ambassadors of EU countries in the Turkish capital Ankara, Erdoğan said that the EU needs to fulfil its pledges made in 2004 and adopt a neutral stance.

He continued by calling on the bloc to stop “acting like a spokesperson for the Greek Cypriots” and ignoring the rights of Turkish Cypriots on the island.

“We all know very well why decades of negotiations to reach a settlement in Cyprus have not been successful. The Greek Cypriots have been unable to shake off the mentality that they are the sole owners of the island. The double standards that have been applied to Turkish Cypriots and attempts to try an outcome using exhausted methods is only a waste of time,” Erdoğan said, adding that Turkey was continuing to work with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to reach a settlement on the island which will be beneficial for everyone.

He argued that a settlement that recognises the sovereign equality and equal international status of Turkish Cypriots will contribute to creating an environment of cooperation in the region.

“The time has come for the EU to sincerely review its position. If the EU really wants to contribute to a settlement it should fulfil its pledges made in 2004 and recognize the political will of the Turkish Cypriots. The proposals made in Geneva should be evaluated. Any other approach will be nothing more than a delaying tactic and waste of energy and time,” the Turkish president said.

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