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EU Commissioner Johansson: Saving lives is our first responsibility

EU Commissioner Johansson: Saving lives is our first responsibility

Ylva Johansson, the member of the European Union (EU) Commission responsible for internal affairs, said that their first responsibility is to save lives and they are working on a comprehensive solution regarding the increase in illegal immigration by sea to the Union.

Publish Date: 23/11/22 15:32
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EU Commissioner Johansson: Saving lives is our first responsibility
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In the General Assembly of the European Parliament (EP) convened in Strasbourg, a session on "European solution to asylum and migration, including search and rescue" was held.

"Saving lives is always our first responsibility," said Johansson, member of the EU Commission responsible for internal affairs, who attended the session. used the phrase.

Johansson, who stated that he held talks on returns during his visits to Pakistan and Bangladesh last week, stated that the EU has evaluated all solutions, and that the EU interior ministers will meet in an extraordinary manner on November 25 to discuss the issue.

"Migration is not a threat. Migration is something we need, but we need to manage migration. We have to welcome people legally, but we need to prevent irregular arrivals and people risking their lives," Johansson said. made its assessment.


EU Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas also stated that more than 90 thousand immigrants came from the Central Mediterranean route since the beginning of the year, and said that they mainly departed from Libya and Tunisia, and that they were of Egyptian, Tunisian and Bangladeshi origin.

Stating that there was a dramatic increase in the Western Balkans route, Schinas reminded that 500 people were rescued near Crete yesterday.

"Now is the time for a sustainable, comprehensive, holistic European framework for asylum and migration." Schinas said, referring to the immigration and asylum package that has not been agreed on since September 2020.

"It's ironic that everything we need is at our fingertips and seemingly inaccessible. It's like having a parachute but choosing to jump out of a plane without it," Schinas said. he said.

Stating that an initiative will be launched to combat the migration crisis before the end of the year, Schinas said, "Besides working with stakeholders, we also need a more coordinated approach to search and rescue." said.

Mikulas Bek, Minister for EU Affairs of Czech Republic, said: "Both improving cooperation with third countries and making progress in the negotiations on the migration and asylum package is the only sustainable way to reach a better and robust migration and asylum system that will serve all member states." used the phrase.


The deputies who took the floor at the session pointed out that Europe is experiencing a second migration crisis and that the reception centers are full.

Advocating that the crisis should be resolved by solidarity and burden sharing among all member states, not just the countries on the migration route, the deputies pointed out that immigrants should be placed within the compulsory quota system. Defending the protection of the right to asylum, the deputies emphasized that a formation should be established for search and rescue efforts.

Some of the deputies criticized the Commission, arguing that the solution lies in the development aid provided to the source countries. Claiming that search and rescue efforts and cooperation with non-profit organizations that do this will encourage illegal immigration, the deputies claimed that immigrants should be returned and external borders should be better protected.

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