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Halil Sezai sentenced to prison

Halil Sezai sentenced to prison

Singer Halil Sezai was sentenced to 4 months and 25 days in prison for 'insulting' because of the words he said to his neighbor Hüseyin Meriç in the venue where he took the stage.

Publish Date: 24/11/22 16:47
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Halil Sezai sentenced to prison
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Singer Halil Sezai, who was sentenced to 1 year, 11 months and 17 days in prison for beating his neighbor, 68-year-old Hüseyin Meriç on September 15, 2020, in Tuzla, Istanbul, and was detained for 42 days, said in a venue where he took the stage, “Because I was high in my head, I could not beat it properly. Hopefully next time. He deserved. He was really the only one," he said.

In the first hearing of the trial, where Halil Sezai was charged with "public insult" because of these words he said to his neighbor, the verdict was given. The defendant Halil Sezai, the complainant Hüseyin Meriç and the lawyers of the parties attended the hearing at the Anatolian 33rd Criminal Court of First Instance.


Halil Sezai, who stated that he had a concert on the date of the event and made a short speech to his audience before the concert, said in his defense, “I gave a speech to my audience that day as well. There is hostility between the complainant and us due to a previous incident. This incident between us was moved to the court stage. While talking about this event, one of my listeners said, "Never mind, brother". That's when I replied. It was not my intention to insult. I am innocent,” he said.

The complainant Hüseyin Meriç said that before this incident, Halil Sezai had some actions against him on social media and that he complained. Serap President Özsan, lawyer of the complainant Hüseyin Meriç, also took the floor and said, “The defendant was tried and sentenced before this incident. However, the accused continued his actions despite being sentenced. This reveals the intent of the accused.”

“There has been a one-sided lynching in the press and magazine. Halil Sezai, who said that I am the victim of the incident, demanded his acquittal.


The court, which decided the case, ruled that Halil Sezai be sentenced to 4 months and 25 days in prison for 'insulting'.

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