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NATO: We will not back down in support of Ukraine

NATO: We will not back down in support of Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated that NATO will continue to support Ukraine in its war with Russia, "There will be no lasting peace if Russia wins." said.

Publish Date: 29/11/22 14:55
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NATO: We will not back down in support of Ukraine
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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg gave the opening speech at the Aspen-German Marshall Fund Forum in Bucharest, where the NATO Foreign Ministers Meeting was held.

Jens Stoltenberg said that they increased the preparation of NATO on the eastern flank against the invasion of Russia, increasing the number of combat groups from 4 to 8.

Emphasizing that NATO and its allies are not parties to the conflict in the war between Russia and Ukraine, but are giving unprecedented support to Ukraine, Stoltenberg said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is losing the war, so he responded with more cruelty and attacked the cities and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. he did.

Stoltenberg said that "authoritarian leaders around the world should not see Putin win" and that his long-term security interests are to support Ukraine.

Emphasizing that Ukraine and NATO have a very close partnership relationship, Stoltenberg noted that this did not start with the Russian attack on February 24, that NATO countries had trained Ukrainian soldiers long before, and that tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers were trained until the start of the war.


"There will be no lasting peace if Russia wins." Stoltenberg stressed that they should continue to support this country in order for Ukraine to be strong at the table in possible future peace talks, and that they will not back down.

On the question of Ukraine's possible NATO membership, Stoltenberg stated that they were behind the decision taken at NATO's Bucharest Summit 14 years ago and said, "NATO's doors are open." used the phrase.

Stating that Finland and Sweden are on the way to membership, Stoltenberg emphasized that Russia cannot interfere with which country will become a NATO member.

Stoltenberg said Putin "has no understanding of what a free and democratic country means".


Stoltenberg stated that they will not forget other NATO partners who have been subjected to pressure from Russia, therefore, the foreign ministers of Georgia, Moldova and Bosnia and Herzegovina will attend today's NATO Foreign Ministers Meeting.

Stating that NATO countries will also discuss the challenges brought by China at the two-day meeting in Bucharest, Stoltenberg reminded Europe's dependence on Russian natural gas and said, "We must also reduce our dependence on other authoritarian regimes such as China." said.

Stoltenberg emphasized that economic and trade relations with China will of course continue, but that NATO countries should reduce their vulnerabilities.

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