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Friends march for Helin Reessur: We want justice

Friends march for Helin Reessur: We want justice

His friends marched for Zehie Helin Reessur, who was killed at the age of 16; "We want justice," he stressed. In the action carried out, banners such as "Not love, murder of a child" and "Accident, not destiny, but murder" were carried.

Publish Date: 31/01/23 13:46
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Friends march for Helin Reessur: We want justice
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Famagusta Vocational High School students protested against 16-year-old Zehie Helin Reessur, who was killed on January 25, with the slogan "So that Helins Don't Die". Students gathered in front of the school marched first to the Victory Monument and then to Namık Kemal Square in the action, which was supported by some non-governmental organizations and citizens.


During the march, the students said “We are looking for equality”, “We want justice”, “Stop femicides”, “We have a revolt”, “Women and men are equal”, “Femicide is political”, “A 16-year-old girl was killed in this country”, “We do not want to be killed” They chanted slogans such as "We are just children", "Stop male violence", "Let the Hellenes not die".

On the hand-held banners, "We will never forget you, Helin Reessur", "Helin is an angel now", "We can't bear to lose one more person", "It was a child, not a woman". Expressions such as "It's not love, it's child murder", "It's not accident or destiny, it's murder", "Our sungirl's golden blonde hair is covered in blood", "We don't want to be killed, we're just children", "We want safe laws against abuse and violence."

Helin's friends Azra Çağan and Fatma Çayönü made a speech in front of the Victory Monument.

Azra Çağan told a fairy tale about Helin that Helin lived a life as one of the best musicians and composers in the world as she dreamed of, married the man she loved and lived happily with her children.

Fatma Çayönü, in her speech, said, “We wanted Helin to have a life like in the fairy tale we just told, that does not end by being murdered by male violence... He stressed that he had to live with the pain of his relatives forever.

Explaining that Helin sat at the front of the class and was always smiling, Çayönü said, "She was only 16 years old with her colorful heart, she was brutally murdered. Now I ask you, is the murderer who killed Helin the only culprit of this bitter end, haven't women been killed in this country for years?" he asked.

Pointing out that women have been killed by men for years in the country, Çayönü said, “We are the spoiled 'Z generation' children for you. How many more of our friends will we bury under the ground because of male violence? We know that because a child was murdered, no official will take responsibility.”


Stating that they will never forget Helin, Çayönü said, “You have given us the greatest pain we can experience at the age of 16. We should have gone to the birthday party of our 16-year-old friend, not the funeral. We should have hugged our 16-year-old friend, not his coffin. At the age of 16, you taught us to love a handful of soil as Helin. Together with Helin, at the age of 16, we buried our joy, our joy and our hope in this land. Our hearts are shattered, we have no more living creature, no friend to lose.” said.

Çayönü said, “Let this violence end, male violence disappear. We marched today for the unfinished story of Helin, for all the Helins who were killed like her, so that Helins do not die.” said.

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