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65 traffic accidents occurred in the last week

65 traffic accidents occurred in the last week

In the last week, 65 traffic accidents occurred in the country, 21 people were injured.

Publish Date: 06/03/23 13:45
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65 traffic accidents occurred in the last week
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According to the statement made by the Police Press Officer, a total of 65 traffic accidents occurred in the TRNC between February 27 and March 5, 21 people were injured, and a total of 2 million 916 thousand 500 TL damage was incurred as a result of the accidents.

Causes of traffic accidents that occurred during the period; driving fast, driving carelessly, not stopping at the intersection, close follow-up and other factors.

As a result of the traffic controls carried out by the police throughout the country during the same period, a total of 10,368 vehicle drivers were checked and 1143 vehicle drivers who were found to have committed crimes were reported and legal action was initiated against them. The distribution of crimes is as follows:

“Speeding ( 255 ), Dangerous Driving ( 8 ), Reckless Driving ( 18 ), Driving Without a Navigation License (152 ), Driving without a Driving License (10 ), Drinking a Vehicle ( 29 ), Talking on a Cell Phone While Driving ( 195 ) ), Driving Without a Seat Belt ( 44 ), Not Obeying Traffic Signs and Signs (153), Not Obeying Traffic Lights (10), Driving Without Inspection ( 60 ), Driving Without Insurance or Out of Its Scope ( 42 ), Vehicle Without "A" Road Use Permit Driving (2), “B” Private Business Driving Without Permission (1), Riding a Motorcycle Without a Protective Helmet (3) and 161 other traffic offenses.”

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