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Erdogan signed: Turkey is going to elections on 14 May

Erdogan signed: Turkey is going to elections on 14 May

President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, signed the decision to renew the presidential and parliamentary elections on 14 May, which should be held on 18 June, with the authority given by Article 116 of the Constitution.

Publish Date: 10/03/23 16:32
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Erdogan signed: Turkey is going to elections on 14 May
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President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a statement after signing the decision on the renewal of the elections at the Presidential Complex.

Noting that with the authority granted by Article 116 of the Constitution, he signed the decision to renew the President and Deputy elections on June 18, which should be held on June 14, President Erdoğan of Turkey said:

"After this decision, which will be published in the Official Gazette, the Supreme Election Board (YSK) will start the two-month election calendar. Accordingly, I hope our nation will go to the polls on May 14, the first Sunday in two months, to elect the president and deputies. Re-election. I wish our decision to be beneficial to our country, our nation, our Turkish Grand National Assembly and our political parties.


Reminding that they shared with the public the decision to update the date of the elections as May 14, right after the New Year's Eve, Erdoğan used the following statements:

"Some of the reasons that led us to take the decision to move the election date forward about a month were as follows. First of all, June 18 was a date that coincided with the university exam calendar, which concerns the future of millions of our young people. Again, this date is for hundreds of thousands of our citizens from Turkey and abroad to perform the pilgrimage. It coincided with a period when he went to the blessed lands. Due to the fact that primary and secondary schools were on holiday just before the election date, this year, as every year, millions of our citizens would set out to go to their hometowns or holiday resorts. We evaluated that it is not a healthy date to ensure that it is reflected in the ballot box.As an alternative, we proposed the date of 14 May.

We know that this date, which also corresponds to a significant anniversary in terms of our democratic past, was well received by our nation. However, the two major earthquakes that our country experienced one after the other on February 6 removed the debates about the election and the election date from our agenda. This earthquake, which is described as the disaster of the century, caused loss of life and property in our provinces of Kahramanmaraş, Hatay, Adıyaman, Gaziantep, Malatya, Osmaniye, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Kilis, Adana and Elazığ.


President Erdoğan said: "Even though the severe winter conditions in the first days of the earthquake, the damaged infrastructure and the size of the 500-kilometer-wide destruction area made our job very difficult, we either found a way or opened a road, but we rushed to the aid of our people. While more than 47 thousand of our people died in the earthquake felt in an area, more than 115 thousand people were saved as injured. said.

Wishing God's mercy to those who lost their lives in the earthquake, patience to their relatives and condolences to the nation, Erdoğan continued his speech as follows:

"In this disaster that destroyed our cities, while millions of our citizens lost their homes, millions of our citizens were unable to enter their homes due to the incessant earthquakes. From the first moment of the disaster, as the state and nation, we have been with our earthquake victims with all our might and means. With the President, ministries, municipalities, Since the day of the disaster, we have only dealt with the earthquake with non-governmental organizations, volunteers, our brothers from friendly countries."


Recalling that they immediately started the debris removal and construction of new residences in places where search and rescue activities were completed, President Erdoğan said:

"Likewise, we have established and developed mechanisms to meet the basic needs of our people living in the region, from food and drink to shelter. With our rapidly increasing number of container cities, we provide relatively better accommodation opportunities for earthquake survivors struggling to hold on to life in difficult conditions. We are also laying new foundations for the construction of our permanent residences every day. Our aim is to complete 319 thousand households consisting of 244 thousand residences and 75 thousand village houses within one year at the first stage and to hand them over to the beneficiaries immediately. Our main goal is to eliminate 270 thousand ruined, about to be demolished, heavily damaged, moderately damaged buildings containing more than 800 thousand residences in total. We are carrying out our construction and revival activities with an understanding that preserves our historical and cultural values ​​and preserves our ancient urban traditions. We are determined to work without rest. Likewise, we are accelerating the construction of disaster-resilient cities with the urban transformation projects we implement throughout our country."

President Erdogan made the following statements:

"The way to normalize the region and our country by overcoming the effects of the earthquake is through the prudent implementation of the decisions to be taken by strong political will.

While a part of the country is crying out for the loss of life, we cannot put the blame on the nation for the ignorance of a part for the sake of their political calculations.

Turkey cannot afford to waste time, distraction, or waste its energy unnecessarily.

In the election process, our agenda will again consist of healing the wounds of the earthquake victims and compensating the economic and social damages of this disaster.

In order to heal the wounds of earthquake victims, to erase all traces of the disaster, and to increase production and employment, it is essential for our country to leave the election agenda behind.

Everyone who will apply for candidacy to our party will first deposit the minimum amount to be determined as a donation to AFAD's earthquake relief accounts.

Turkey cannot look to its future with confidence without removing the ruins caused by the 6 February earthquakes and making up for its economic, social and psychological losses.

If the May 14 process is turned into a medium of vicious political conflicts, lies and slander campaigns, we will suffer a plague in front of our 85 million people.

We want to turn 14 May into an auspicious race that will erase the traces of February 6 destruction, by saying "right now" for Turkey.

We expect support for this sincere call from everyone who will compete with us as the Presidential candidate of the People's Alliance and fight for representation in the Parliament.

We are banning all the music we have prepared, there will be a campaign without music, we will continue this campaign through bilateral meetings."

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