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Shortage of tetanus vaccines causes crisis in private hospitals

Shortage of tetanus vaccines causes crisis in private hospitals

Supply problems lead to a scarcity of tetanus vaccines in private hospitals, hindering essential preventive measures.

Publish Date: 21/05/23 15:52
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Shortage of tetanus vaccines causes crisis in private hospitals
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In many private hospitals, the availability of tetanus vaccines, crucial for protection against tetanus disease, is currently limited due to supply issues. Similar to previous years, difficulties have arisen regarding the procurement of tetanus vaccines.

Private hospitals across the country are experiencing a "tetanus vaccine crisis." Numerous private hospitals are unable to acquire tetanus vaccines, preventing them from administering tetanus treatments to their patients.

Meanwhile, state hospitals have started distributing tetanus vaccines brought into the country earlier this week. Currently, the tetanus vaccines are available in only 3-4 hospitals, but they will be distributed to all government-affiliated hospitals next week.

Konde: Tetanus Vaccines to be Distributed to All State Hospitals Next Week

Serap Konde, Director of the Drug and Pharmacy Department under the Ministry of Health, provided exclusive comments to Kıbrıs Postası regarding the matter.

Konde stated that tetanus vaccines arrived in the country earlier this week and added, "They have been distributed to some hospitals, but not all of them yet. They will be distributed to all hospitals next week."

"We Encounter Issues during the Procurement of Tetanus Vaccines"

Konde acknowledged that they faced challenges during the importation of tetanus vaccines into the country, saying, "We still encounter problems in the supply of these vaccines."

Highlighting a shortage in the production and supply of tetanus vaccines, she emphasized, "These vaccines do arrive in the country, but in limited quantities."

"Private Hospitals Handle Their Own Drug and Vaccine Procurements"

Regarding the tetanus vaccine crisis in private hospitals, Konde explained, "Private hospitals manage their own drug and vaccine procurements. They are also affected by the drug shortage in the market."

She further stated, "We do not have an abundance of these vaccines in our stock," adding that when they have excess vaccines, they support private hospitals as well.

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