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Şerife Gündüz: Every living species has the right to live and to continue its lineage

Şerife Gündüz: Every living species has the right to live and to continue its lineage

Final University Environmental Studies Center Director Prof. Dr. Şerife Gündüz stated that ecosystems are the basis of biodiversity and said, “Every living species has the right to live and continue its extinction.”

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Şerife Gündüz: Every living species has the right to live and to continue its lineage

In order to draw attention to the importance of educating the public about the 'Convention on Biological Diversity' and raising awareness about the implementation of the convention, the United Nations (UN) declared 22 May as 'World Biological Diversity Day' with its decision on 20 December 2000.

Director of the International Final University (UFÜ) Center for Environmental Studies, Prof. Dr. Şerife Gündüz made a special statement to Cyprus Post on the occasion of May 22, World Biodiversity Day.


Noting that biodiversity refers to the diversity of living species on Earth, including plants, animals, bacteria and fungi, Gündüz said, “Even though the world's biodiversity is too rich to be discovered yet, many species are in danger of extinction due to human activities. "It puts Earth's amazing biodiversity at risk."

Gündüz noted that this floating United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity was adopted on May 22, 1992.

Emphasizing the importance of biodiversity, Gündüz said, "Climate change and biodiversity are inextricably linked."

prof. Dr. Gündüz listed the following items regarding the importance of biodiversity:

“Nature plays a very important role in the fight against climate change. Destruction of forests, tundra and oceans is accelerating global warming by releasing greenhouse gases. Research shows that a diverse forest absorbs more carbon. Also, biodiversity provides a barrier to extreme weather conditions such as storms, wildfires and landslides.

-While there are about 6000 varieties that we can grow and consume, 90% of the plant-based food consumed in the world is obtained from only 15 cultivated plant species (Wheat, Corn, rice, potatoes…). More than 90% of the food of animal origin consumed in the world comes from only 9 types of pets (cattle, pig, sheep, goat, buffalo, chicken, duck, goose, turkey..).

Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Plants use solar energy to grow. Shellfish purifies water. Bacteria break down organic matter into nutrients. Insects, Bacteria, Fungi decompose fallen leaves, garbage, live waste and scraps. Without these soil creatures, the Earth's surface would be covered with garbage hundreds of meters high. The services offered to us by biodiversity are innumerable.

-Bees pollinate flowers and crops, enabling them to reproduce. Without all these living organisms, we would not be able to survive. The richer the biodiversity, the safer it will be in the future.

25% of medicines are obtained directly from herbal products. The raw materials of many industrial products are obtained from plant and animal species (fiber, cellulose, dyestuff, industrial oils, biopolymers, some enzymes…). Protecting ecosystems and plant varieties and exploring the unknown will enable us to reach cancer cures or sustainable energy solutions. Nature is a unique resource.”

-Nature and biodiversity are beneficial to our health, well-being and quality of life. People feel better in nature, interact more positively, and heal faster."


Expressing that ecosystems are the basis of biodiversity, Gündüz said, "His duty is to sustain the extinction of living things."

Şerife Gündüz noted that each ecosystem contains its own unique species and genes and said, “Every living species is a part of the system in which it lives and has a specific task within the ecosystem for the system to function. Species are the mother of genetic diversity.


Stating that if the parts of the system are dismantled and removed, the system will become inoperable, Gündüz said, “Every living species has the right to live and to continue its generation. Every living species is a natural resource not only for the human species, but also for another living species.

Gündüz, “Diversity; it gives strength, beauty, resistance, flexibility and stability to the system that carries it. It should be protected and promoted both biologically, physically and socially.

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