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Research: Adolescents sleeping in a screen-free room improves sleep quality

Research: Adolescents sleeping in a screen-free room improves sleep quality

A study conducted in the USA revealed that adolescents who do not watch TV in bed, do not use phones and turn off their notifications at night sleep better.

Publish Date: 25/05/23 17:20
reading time: 3 min.
Research: Adolescents sleeping in a screen-free room improves sleep quality
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According to the news of News Medical, a study conducted at the University of California, USA, examined the connection between pre-sleep screen habits and sleep quality.

In a study conducted on 10,280 people aged 10 to 14, the relationship between their sleep patterns and phone and social media use was monitored in the 2018-2020 period.

According to the study, which is one of the most comprehensive studies on child health and mental development conducted in the USA, the problem of falling asleep increases by 27 percent when there is a TV or a device with an internet connection in the bedroom, and by 23 percent if the phone notifications are left on.

In the research, it was stated that situations such as using social media, playing video games, searching the internet and watching movies, TV series and video clips before going to sleep are among the factors that increase the problem of falling asleep.

In the study, which was recorded that 20 percent of the children watched, they checked their phones and social media accounts when they woke up at night, it was noted that this situation increased the sleep problem by 34 percent.

It was reported that 15.5 percent of the children who were the subject of the study had trouble falling asleep a few days a week, and 16.9 percent had their sleep interrupted at least once a week due to phone notifications.

Jason Nagato from the University of California, in his statement regarding the results of the research, emphasized that adequate and quality sleep is important for the development of young adolescents.

"Our research found that keeping screens out of the bedroom, turning off device notifications, and avoiding social media in bed were associated with better sleep among adolescents," Nagato advises, advising not to check his phone or social media accounts when he wakes up at night. used the phrase.

Another researcher from the University of Toronto, Kyle T. Ganson, stated that environmental conditions make the development process of adolescents more challenging and emphasized the importance of being aware of the impact of social media and smartphones on this development process.

The results of the study were published in the journal Sleep Health.

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