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“Forgetting" graffiti by Cypriot Greek artist

“Forgetting" graffiti by Cypriot Greek artist

It has been reported that Cypriot Greek artist Hristos Kakullis has created a new graffiti dedicated to the alleged Turkish occupation and the act of "forgetting" 49 years after the tragedy.

Publish Date: 17/08/23 12:00
Update Date: 17/08/23 15:16
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“Forgetting" graffiti by Cypriot Greek artist
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According to Fileleftheros newspaper, the graffiti, titled "I am forgetting" rather than "I am not forgetting," was found near Paphos Gate and was painted on August 15. The artwork depicts a blood-stained and divided Cyprus.

The newspaper stated that Kakullis commented on the graffiti, saying, "Finally, we have forgotten," and mentioned that the artwork was created symbolically on August 15, regarding the second occupation in Cyprus.

In his statement, Kakullis argued that "we have finally forgotten that Cyprus, Famagusta, Morphou, and Mesaoria were occupied for the second time" and expressed that "we have forgotten that everything was taken over in the second occupation, and we have forgotten to sound the sirens for the second occupation."

Continuing his claims, Kakullis stated, "In the end, the state has forgotten about us, and we, as if it were another state, forget that the other side is under occupation and leave our money to the occupiers. Finally, we have forgotten our homeland. We have forgotten the thousands we have lost, our refugees, and our deceased. Finally, we have forgotten to live for our occupied homeland. We are in danger because we have forgotten."

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