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Ataoğlu Reacts to Anti-Turkish Article, Calls for Ethical Journalism

Ataoğlu Reacts to Anti-Turkish Article, Calls for Ethical Journalism

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Environment, and Leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Fikri Ataoğlu, expressed his reaction to an article by Michael Rubin in the Greek newspaper Kathimerini.

Publish Date: 27/08/23 18:34
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Ataoğlu Reacts to Anti-Turkish Article, Calls for Ethical Journalism
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In his statement, Ataoğlu condemned the mindset engaging in anti-Turkish propaganda and highlighted Michael Rubin's call for the suspension of KKTC flights by Turkish Airlines (THY) and Pegasus Airlines, noting that Rubin harbors anti-Turkish sentiments.

According to a statement from the DP press office, Ataoğlu's statement included the following remarks:

"Journalist Michael Rubin, in an article published in the Greek newspaper Kathimerini, has once again demonstrated his anti-Turkish stance by calling for the suspension of KKTC flights by THY and Pegasus Airlines, which operate flights to Europe and KKTC. In his article, where he states 'You can either fly to Europe or support the occupation of Cyprus, but you cannot do both,' Rubin not only fuels anti-Turkish sentiment but also exemplifies an inhumane and outdated mindset. Such mindsets that stoke such hostility, using their professions as a weapon to impose their ideological thoughts, have no place in professional ethics or humanity."


Ataoğlu remarked, "Targeting the flights of Turkish Airlines (THY) and Pegasus Airlines, two of the world's strongest and reputable airline companies, to KKTC, against the backdrop of the inhumane isolation that has been imposed on KKTC for years, reveals the most apparent manifestation of racist and bigoted mentality. Those who have remained mere spectators against the inhumane isolation measures that have been implemented against KKTC for years, and those who continue their biased and erroneous policies, are effectively aiding such mindsets, which is a clear indication."

"Ataoğlu continued, "It is also a fact that THY and Pegasus Airlines are crucial airline companies that fulfill the transportation rights of the people of KKTC, arising from being human, and also stated in the European Convention on Human Rights, with great dedication and effort. Disregarding this and attempting to tarnish the provided service and the relevant airline companies can be deemed an example of 'black propaganda.'"

Ataoğlu emphasized the need for European states that Rubin has called upon to take a direct and humane stance against the unacceptable behavior and attitudes of such mindsets that contradict professional and human ethics, and highlighted the need for an end to hostile discourse and thoughts. He concluded by sharing his condemnation of both the Kathimerini newspaper, which allowed the publication of the article, and Michael Rubin, who attempts to fuel anti-Turkish sentiment.

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