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Christodoulides Emphasizes the Importance of Erdogan-Guterres Meeting

Christodoulides Emphasizes the Importance of Erdogan-Guterres Meeting

During a press statement in New York, Nikos Christodoulides, the President of Cyprus, emphasized the significance of the meeting between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres scheduled for Tuesday, stating that it will be decisive for Guterres' approach to the Cyprus problem.

Publish Date: 18/09/23 13:50
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Christodoulides Emphasizes the Importance of Erdogan-Guterres Meeting
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Christodoulides claimed that the meeting will determine Guterres' stance on the Cyprus issue, particularly regarding the resumption of negotiations for a solution. He also mentioned that during his meeting with Guterres on September 22, he plans to bring up the issue of appointing a special envoy, a matter he has previously addressed in public statements and letters to Guterres.

The President stated that the primary focus of his and Foreign Minister Konstantinos Kombos' discussions in New York will be the Cyprus problem, with the hope that their meetings will pave the way for the appointment of a special envoy by the UN Secretary-General. Additionally, they will discuss energy matters and attracting high-quality investments to South Cyprus.

Christodoulides announced plans to meet with the presidents of Exxon and Chevron during his discussions on energy issues.

Regarding measures related to Turkish Cypriots, Christodoulides mentioned the possibility of announcing such measures during the week, including measures aimed at creating confidence in daily life.

Cypriot newspapers highlighted the significance of the Erdogan-Guterres meeting, with the Cyprus government pinning its hopes on the talks for developments in the Cyprus problem. There were also comments about the possibility of a trilateral meeting involving President Ersin Tatar, but Christodoulides clarified that there is no specific timeframe for such a meeting, although their desire for it is known.

He concluded by stating that the General Assembly's official week-end could be a potential time frame for a trilateral summit or the UN Secretary-General might decide to hold it at a later stage.

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