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Metsola: EP is in Favour of Federal Solution

Metsola: EP is in Favour of Federal Solution

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola responded to a letter from Dr. Vasilis Mavru, President of the "Great Britain Maraş Association," addressing the Cyprus issue.

Publish Date: 26/09/23 15:01
Update Date: 26/09/23 15:27
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Metsola: EP is in Favour of Federal Solution
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In the letter sent by Metsola, she reiterated the European Parliament's position in favor of the reunification of Cyprus based on a two-state, two-community federal solution. She also condemned recent incidents in Pile.

The response came after Dr. Mavru had sent letters to politicians in the UK and Europe regarding the Cyprus issue and various Turkish challenges.

The response from Metsola referred to her recent statement condemning any unilateral hostile activities, such as plans to convert Apostolos Andreas into a mosque, and the incidents in Pile. She emphasized that the European Parliament's stance on the reunification of Cyprus remains unchanged.

Metsola also mentioned that the EU is an advocate for a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus issue in line with relevant UN Security Council resolutions. She added that the appointment of a UN representative for the Cyprus problem could lead to progress towards a return to official negotiations.

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