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Discussion on EU-Turkey Relations Postponed to December

Discussion on EU-Turkey Relations Postponed to December

The discussion on EU-Turkey relations, which was scheduled for October, has been postponed to December, according to reports. This minor adjustment does not appear to cause concern for the Republic of Cyprus. However, the possibility of a further delay is being considered, raising concerns in the Republic of Cyprus.

Publish Date: 30/09/23 13:28
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Discussion on EU-Turkey Relations Postponed to December
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Fileleftheros newspaper reported that a potential postponement to December is worrisome for the Republic of Cyprus, and such a possibility is not welcomed. It is suggested that some EU countries, such as Austria and Hungary, may be reluctant to take any action against Turkey before the European Parliament elections, leading to a prolongation of EU-Turkey relations.

The newspaper noted that the linkage of the Cyprus issue to EU-Turkey relations and the actions taken by the Republic of Cyprus have led to increased activity regarding the appointment of a UN consultant on the Cyprus problem. This development has been observed in discussions at the UN General Assembly, where both EU institutions and European leaders showed a positive attitude toward appointing a consultant, as reported.

The newspaper mentioned that this development has pleased the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulides, and the postponement of discussions on EU-Turkey relations to December provides Turkey with time to make a gesture on the Cyprus problem.

The report highlighted that December will be an important milestone for EU-Turkey relations and the Cyprus issue.

Source: TAK

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