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KTOEÖS Raises Concerns Over Full-Day Education, Calls It Chaotic

KTOEÖS Raises Concerns Over Full-Day Education, Calls It Chaotic

The Cyprus Turkish Secondary School Teachers' Union (KTOEÖS) has begun a "no afternoon classes" protest at some schools and stated that these actions are not strikes, but rather alternating actions that will be announced daily. The responsibility, according to KTOEÖS, lies with the Ministry of National Education and the Minister himself.

Publish Date: 02/10/23 14:03
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KTOEÖS Raises Concerns Over Full-Day Education, Calls It Chaotic
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KTOEÖS President Selma Eylem, speaking at a press release held in front of Meral and Vedat Ertüngü High School in Nicosia, explained the reasons for the protest. She criticized the government and the Ministry of National Education for moving towards full-day education without any preparations, stating that they acted with a "I can do it, it'll be fine" mentality. She argued that the current full-day education movement would create chaos in education and cause problems related to security and nutrition.

Eylem emphasized that this was a forced decision imposed on teachers and the union. She also stated that the teachers would continue their fight with determination. Eylem pointed out that there were problems at the school they held the press release, such as a lack of security, places for children to sit, shade, and no area for children to rest. Additionally, she mentioned that the school, which has 500 students, only has a small canteen, and due to financial reasons, some children may go hungry.

Eylem explained that teachers were supporting the students but noted that the school's infrastructure was inadequate. She mentioned deficiencies such as a lack of changing rooms, paper, and internet access. Eylem also highlighted that the classrooms were insufficient and overcrowded, making it difficult to provide effective education. She stated that under these conditions, full-day education was not appropriate, but it could be considered once the necessary infrastructure and equipment were in place. Anything else would be considered a "dictation."

Tahir Gökçebel, the general secretary of the union, claimed that the Minister of National Education had nothing left to offer education and called for his resignation, criticizing his actions. He also mentioned that they were ready to work together under the Teachers' Law and asked for support from parents.

According to KTOEÖS, the schools where afternoon classes would not be held today include Bayraktar Secondary School, Bekirpaşa High School, Değirmenlik High School, Democracy Secondary School, Dr. Fazıl Küçük Vocational High School, Erenköy High School, Esin Leman High School, İrsen Küçük Secondary School, Kurtuluş High School, Lapta Yavuzlar High School, Lefke Gazi High School, Mehmetçik Secondary School, Meral and Vedat Ertüngü High School, Namık Kemal High School, Osman Nejat Konuk Secondary School, Polatpaşa High School, Şehit Turgut Secondary School, Şehit Zeka Çorba Secondary School, and Şehit Hüseyin Ruso Secondary School.

Source: TAK

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