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President Tatar's Meeting with Mario Nava: A Comprehensive Discussion on Key Matters

President Tatar's Meeting with Mario Nava: A Comprehensive Discussion on Key Matters

President Ersin Tatar recently engaged in a substantial meeting with Mario Nava, the Director-General responsible for Structural Reform Support at the European Commission. The discussions covered a spectrum of crucial topics, reflecting the pressing issues currently at the forefront of the country's agenda.

Publish Date: 17/11/23 15:27
reading time: 3 min.
President Tatar's Meeting with Mario Nava: A Comprehensive Discussion on Key Matters
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One significant area of focus during the meeting was the exploration of avenues to boost trade volume under the Green Line Regulation. The importance of taking strategic steps to increase economic activities and alleviate congestion at the Metehan Border Crossing was underlined. A proposal to establish a new crossing point in Haspolat dedicated solely to economic and commercial activities was also on the table, with the potential to have far-reaching positive effects.

President Tatar reiterated the collaboration and dialogue proposal previously shared with the UN Secretary-General. This highlights the ongoing commitment of the Turkish Cypriot side to open, constructive communication to address the longstanding Cyprus issue.

Addressing the economic front, the meeting delved into supporting Turkish Cypriot producers in the halloumi process, acknowledging the importance of safeguarding the interests of local producers. Furthermore, discussions extended to the possibility of facilitating bank transfers between the two sides, a measure that could streamline financial transactions and contribute to economic cooperation.

The consideration of a pre-feasibility study for a solar power plant in the buffer zone showcased a forward-looking approach to sustainable energy solutions. Such initiatives, if materialized, could signify joint efforts in environmental sustainability.

The ongoing efforts to improve relations with the European Union were discussed, emphasizing the Turkish Cypriot side's commitment to enhancing ties with the broader international community.

President Tatar conducted the meeting with Mario Nava through Zoom, underscoring the adaptability and resilience in diplomatic engagements, even in the face of logistical challenges. The President sought the EU's support in areas that would be mutually beneficial while reinforcing the Turkish Cypriot position against becoming instruments of divisive policies.

In essence, the meeting with Mario Nava exemplified a holistic approach to addressing key challenges, with an emphasis on economic cooperation, dialogue, and strategic initiatives that could pave the way for a more sustainable and collaborative future.

President Tatar, currently in London, continues to actively engage with various stakeholders, demonstrating a commitment to representing and safeguarding the interests of the Turkish Cypriot people on the international stage.

Source: TAK

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