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Rising Number of Inmates Highlighted by KTAMS President

Rising Number of Inmates Highlighted by KTAMS President

In a recent press conference held in front of the Famagusta District Court, KTAMS (Cyprus Turkish Public Workers' Union) President Güven Bengihan addressed the pressing issues faced by the judicial system in North Cyprus. With a specific focus on the increasing number of inmates in prisons, Bengihan highlighted the consequences of the surge, emphasizing the strain on both the judiciary and its personnel.

Publish Date: 17/11/23 15:31
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Rising Number of Inmates Highlighted by KTAMS President
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Bengihan expressed concern over the notable rise in the number of detainees and convicts in prisons, surpassing a thousand individuals. He underlined that this surge not only poses challenges to the security of the country but also creates social difficulties. He attributed this increase to a surge in crime incidents, including individuals from third countries engaging in unlawful activities under the guise of tourists or students.

The KTAMS President drew attention to the impact of this situation on the workload of the courts, stressing that the already burdened personnel face additional challenges. He criticized the Registration Clerks Regulations and raised concerns about its effectiveness.

Highlighting the broader issue of personnel shortages in the judicial system, Bengihan indicated that there is a need for immediate action to address the challenges faced by court employees. He criticized the Registration Clerks Regulations for its failure to address the ongoing problems in the judicial system.

Bengihan emphasized that the country's security and social well-being are at stake, and the authorities need to acknowledge and take steps to mitigate these challenges. He criticized the trend where individuals appointed through exams to work in the courts eventually move to other positions after a certain period.

The KTAMS President urged a comprehensive approach to address the root causes of these challenges, including the shortage of personnel in various roles within the judicial system. He underscored the importance of timely and appropriate appointments to fill vacant positions, preventing skilled personnel from leaving for other roles due to the challenges faced in the courts.

In his concluding remarks, Bengihan urged the judicial authorities to consider the grievances of court employees, emphasizing that their motivation and morale are crucial for the effective functioning of the judicial system. He called for a proactive approach to create conditions that motivate employees and announced that if the current issues persist without resolution, resorting to strike actions may become necessary.

This press conference highlighted the rising number of inmates as a significant concern in the North Cyprus judicial system, emphasizing the need for immediate attention and strategic solutions to ensure the effective functioning of the courts and the well-being of the country.

Source: TAK

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