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Christodulides: Increasing Efforts Every Day for Dialogue on the Cyprus Issue

Christodulides: Increasing Efforts Every Day for Dialogue on the Cyprus Issue

Cyprus President Nikos Christodulides has stated that they are intensifying efforts every day to initiate dialogue on the Cyprus issue. Despite the challenges posed by the Turkish side, Christodulides mentioned that they continuously take initiatives. Meanwhile, reports suggest that the Greek Cypriot side is not inclined to appoint a representative similar to Jane Holl Lute, who visits the island two to three times a year.

Publish Date: 20/11/23 13:42
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Christodulides: Increasing Efforts Every Day for Dialogue on the Cyprus Issue
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According to the Fileleftheros newspaper, the Greek Cypriot side is actively working and investing time to appoint a representative willing to engage in negotiations to restart talks on the Cyprus issue. However, they are reportedly against the model followed by Jane Holl Lute, who conducts day visits to the island two to three times a year, deeming it ineffective.

The Greek Cypriot side desires a representative committed to spending regular and extended periods of time engaging with both sides, emphasizing that the process requires continuous contact to overcome the deadlock. The reported dissatisfaction with the intermittent visits by representatives like Jane Holl Lute stems from the belief that such an approach may not contribute significantly to resolving the issue.

In another context, Christodulides, speaking at an event commemorating EOKA member Kiriakos Matsis, asserted that they are increasing efforts every day to start a dialogue on the Cyprus issue. He claimed that, despite the difficulties and challenges created by the Turkish side, they consistently take initiatives.

Christodulides emphasized the weight of historical responsibility, stating that their responsibility is heavy due to the alleged ongoing occupation of their homeland. Despite the challenges, he claimed that they continuously take initiatives, focusing on achieving a sustainable and functional solution through dialogue, guided by UN decisions and EU principles and values.

He concluded by expressing the desire to provide their children with the right to live without fear for the future. The Greek Cypriot government spokesperson, Konstantinos Letimbiotis, also highlighted their aim to resume negotiations from where they left off, incorporating UN decisions and EU principles.

As the efforts for a solution on the Cyprus issue continue, the Greek Cypriot side appears to be actively seeking a representative committed to more extensive and continuous engagement for a more effective resolution process.

Source: Fileleftheros, Alithia

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