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Andreas Mavroyannis, Optimistic about Reaching Agreement on the Cyprus Issue

Andreas Mavroyannis, Optimistic about Reaching Agreement on the Cyprus Issue

Andreas Mavroyannis, former Negotiator of South Cyprus, expressed optimism about reaching an agreement on the Cyprus issue.

Publish Date: 12/02/24 13:02
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Andreas Mavroyannis, Optimistic about Reaching Agreement on the Cyprus Issue
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Fileleftheros newspaper covered the second part of the interview with Andreas Mavroyannis, former Negotiator of South Cyprus, published yesterday. According to the interview, Mavroyannis highlighted his optimism about reaching a solution to the Cyprus issue, emphasizing that the final solution to the Cyprus issue is clearly outlined in the 6 points of the UN Security Council decisions and the Guterres Framework, but this framework alone cannot solve the Cyprus issue.

Mavroyannis stated that the Guterres Framework is a framework for a strategic agreement that makes the process irreversible. He also mentioned that there are some additional elements shaped with former President Mustafa Akıncı and indicated that the governance issue could be considered resolved based on the discussions in Berlin.

Regarding the post-solution special status of citizens of Turkish origin and the territory issue, Mavroyannis stated that there was a consensus if the Turkish side accepted reducing the number of troops to around 1500, rather than the envisaged 650 in the Guarantee and Alliance Agreement. He emphasized that the issue is not the number of troops but the status and role of even a single soldier after the solution.

Mavroyannis also pointed out that Guterres never presented the 6 points in writing but only provided some ideas and guidance within the framework of the goodwill mission. He mentioned that Guterres suggested preparing a draft agreement that would constitute a strategic agreement if agreed upon.

Mavroyannis highlighted the dynamic nature of the process and the different interpretations of the 6 points by various parties. He stated that Guterres proposed the preparation of a strategic agreement draft only at the end.

He mentioned that the Guterres Framework was never presented in writing but described in the report published on September 28, 2017. Mavroyannis also recalled the critical night when the removal of guarantees was discussed, indicating that President Anastasiadis and Guterres agreed while Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu did not accept the removal of guarantees.

Mavroyannis denied rumors about discussions between Anastasiadis and Çavuşoğlu on a two-state solution and mentioned his conversation with Guterres on July 6, where Çavuşoğlu expressed readiness to discuss the unilateral intervention right but rejected the removal of guarantees.

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