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Serdar Denktaş: The Solution to the Cyprus Issue is Now Economic

Serdar Denktaş: The Solution to the Cyprus Issue is Now Economic

Former Deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktaş emphasized that the solution to the Cyprus issue will not be through war or political power-sharing but through economic rapprochement. Denktaş made significant remarks during a program on BRT.

Publish Date: 29/02/24 15:34
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Serdar Denktaş: The Solution to the Cyprus Issue is Now Economic
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He stressed the importance of selecting our own EU representatives by holding elections to determine two representatives on the same day as the EU Parliamentary elections in the South. These representatives' task should be to knock on the doors of the EU Parliament every day and remind them of the injustices against Turkish Cypriots.

Referring to the Constitution of 1960, Denktaş reminded that according to it, as the Turkish Cypriot side, our rights and the guarantee and alliance agreements are still in force. He suggested electing our two representatives and sending them to Brussels to advocate for our rights. Denktaş emphasized the need to seize the opportunity of the representative appointed by the UN to explain why the Cyprus issue has not been resolved for 60 years and to admit that the reason for the deadlock is themselves. He criticized the inequality created between the two sides, stating that expecting the politically stronger side to share something with the other side while they continue to create inequality is wrong.

Denktaş highlighted his work on the concept of 'collective leadership,' which he described as the need of the hour. He emphasized the importance of a structure where decisions are made collectively by the President, Prime Minister, party leaders, and ministers. He called for the establishment of a National Council in the TRNC, similar to the one on the Greek side, to unite under a common policy regarding the Cyprus issue. Denktaş stressed that the solution to the Cyprus problem will now be through economic convergence.

He mentioned the importance of hydrocarbon resources and suggested taking unilateral steps if necessary to secure economic benefits so that a mutual exchange process can begin. Denktaş stated that both Turkish and Greek Cypriots would benefit if they engaged in joint business ventures. He emphasized the need to normalize the situation and establish faster contact with the world by taking such steps. Denktaş concluded by saying that the wide-ranging collaboration he is engaged in aims to address current problems and work towards a better future for the country.


Source: BRT 

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