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Ziya Öztürkler: Not Affiliated with KSTU's Academic Staff

Ziya Öztürkler: Not Affiliated with KSTU's Academic Staff

Former Minister, UBP Deputy Ziya Öztürkler addressed recent allegations circulating in the media regarding his purported inclusion in the academic staff of KSTU (Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University), clarifying that he has not been involved in any academic capacity at KSTU since 2022.

Publish Date: 29/02/24 15:57
reading time: 2 min.
Ziya Öztürkler: Not Affiliated with KSTU's Academic Staff
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In a statement posted on his personal social media account, Öztürkler refuted claims of his affiliation with KSTU's academic staff amid a scandal involving counterfeit diplomas.

Explaining the situation, Öztürkler mentioned that he had been approached in the 2020-2021 period to participate in projects as a visiting academic and to provide academic support to graduate students in project-related matters. While initially considering the proposal positively, he cited his busy schedule as the reason why the collaboration did not proceed further.

Emphasizing his status as not being engaged in any academic activities at KSTU as of 2022, Öztürkler clarified that he is not part of the university's academic staff. He further stated that he has never been a member of KSTU's board of trustees.

Öztürkler concluded his statement by affirming his commitment to academic development, expressing his intention to continue participating in projects and academic environments for personal growth. He underscored that his involvement in such activities is a natural part of his developmental journey, rather than a subject for criticism.

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