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Nicosia Court Grants Bail to Turgay Avcı and Mehmet Hasgüler in KSTU Probe

Nicosia Court Grants Bail to Turgay Avcı and Mehmet Hasgüler in KSTU Probe

The Nicosia Court has decided to grant bail to Turgay Avcı, the President of the Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation, and Coordination Council (YÖDAK), and Mehmet Hasgüler, former Vice President of YÖDAK, as they face charges related to the investigation into the Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University (KSTU).

Publish Date: 12/03/24 14:24
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Nicosia Court Grants Bail to Turgay Avcı and Mehmet Hasgüler in KSTU Probe
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During the hearing, overseen by Judge Zehra Yalkut Bilgeç, Investigator Ortunç Özbaylı presented the findings.

According to Özbaylı, the investigation, ongoing since February 5, revealed that Turgay Avcı and Mehmet Hasgüler received payments to expedite the consideration and approval of a medical faculty to be opened by KSTU at YÖDAK. Payments of $5,000 on March 3, 2023, and $5,000 on March 7, 2023, were made to Turgay Avcı, while Mehmet Hasgüler received $4,000 on March 3, 2023. Özbaylı also mentioned that the amount paid to Mehmet Hasgüler had increased to $8,000.

Özbaylı further stated that a unanimous decision was made by YÖDAK on March 13, 2023, to open a medical faculty at KSTU, leading to the confiscation of some YÖDAK computers as evidence.

After taking statements from a total of 17 individuals, Özbaylı confirmed that the investigation was concluded and requested the release of the suspects on bail.

Responding to a question from Prosecutor Hasan Boşnak, Özbaylı informed the court that Turgay Avcı, who had been under hospital supervision due to illness and had undergone an angiogram, was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon and taken to the police station as his health condition was deemed suitable.

Following the presentation of findings, Prosecutor Hasan Boşnak also requested the release of the suspects on bail, subject to conditions determined by the court.

While the defense lawyers did not object to the bail request, they denied all allegations against their clients.

Judge Zehra Yalkut Bilgeç ruled that the suspects' travel documents be confiscated to prohibit them from leaving the country, and they be released on bail with the condition of weekly reporting to the police for medical check-ups and the submission of bail bonds totaling 1 million TL each from two guarantors, as well as a cash deposit of 50,000 TL.

-Statement from Mehmet Hasgüler...

Meanwhile, after the hearing, Mehmet Hasgüler made a statement to the press outside the courthouse. Hasgüler denied all allegations against him and vowed to fight against the "injustice" he claimed to have suffered.

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