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Çeler: The Real Issue is Not Going to the Ballot Box, but Expecting Change Without Voting

Çeler: The Real Issue is Not Going to the Ballot Box, but Expecting Change Without Voting

TDP Chairman Zeki Çeler stated that there is an expectation from the public, especially after falling below the threshold in the recent elections.

Publish Date: 15/03/24 13:33
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Çeler: The Real Issue is Not Going to the Ballot Box, but Expecting Change Without Voting
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Speaking on the "Good Morning" program on Diyalog TV, Çeler emphasized that the society has been dragged into a state of exhaustion and made to believe that nothing will change, highlighting TDP's capacity to be among the parties capable of offering hope to the community.

Addressing those who abstained from voting, Çeler expressed that he doesn't blame those who didn't go to the polls, stressing that the real issue is not going to the ballot box and expecting things to change.

"TDP Has the Capacity to Offer Hope to the Community"

Çeler mentioned that they receive support both internally and externally in various fields such as the economy, agriculture, production, education, and health, highlighting the presence of highly competent individuals in the country. He stated that with them, they are developing a new party program to overcome the existing instability and incompetence.

"In the next year, there will be early elections," said Çeler, underlining the importance of reshuffling the cards in the Parliament to ensure that those involved in corruption and misuse of institutions are brought to justice.

"The Election Results of Kyrenia Municipality Are a Pilot Outcome"

Referring to the election results, particularly in Kyrenia, Çeler suggested that the outcome mirrors the parties that will enter Parliament with the first elections. He emphasized that the society now clearly sees the change and showed determination to support those who will take action, both in the local and parliamentary elections.

"People Have Begun to Feel Ashamed of the Parties They Voted For"

Çeler mentioned that the current government cannot avoid early elections as the country is currently in its worst state, and everyone is aware that the situation will worsen further. He stated that people have started to feel ashamed of the parties they are members of or voted for, emphasizing the need to remove the guilty individuals from politics and hold them accountable.

"We Need to Protect Our Institutions"

Calling on the university crisis in the country, Çeler urged people to look at the period when TDP was in government and when Cemal Özyiğit was the Minister of Education. He pointed out that during that time, not a single university permit was issued, indicating the success of their governance.

"We Need a Social and Political Change"

Çeler concluded by stressing the need for a social and political change, urging the society to analyze who is doing their job effectively and who isn't. He emphasized the importance of responding to the expectations of the society towards politicians and politics, stating that this change cannot be achieved by changing laws or reducing the number of parties but by understanding what the society needs from its politicians.


Source: Diyalog TV 

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