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Call for Urgent Action Plan on Rising Tuberculosis Cases in TRNC

Call for Urgent Action Plan on Rising Tuberculosis Cases in TRNC

On World Tuberculosis Day, the Cyprus Turkish Medical Association called for the preparation of an urgent action plan to address the increasing tuberculosis cases in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

Publish Date: 25/03/24 15:59
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Call for Urgent Action Plan on Rising Tuberculosis Cases in TRNC
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Secretary General of the Cyprus Turkish Medical Association, Prof. Dr. Ceyhun Dalkan, emphasized in a written statement regarding World Tuberculosis Day that the rising tuberculosis cases in the country have become a health crisis that needs to be urgently addressed.

Dr. Dalkan highlighted various reasons contributing to the increase in cases in the TRNC, including inadequate healthcare infrastructure, lack of early diagnosis and treatment, drug resistance, uncontrolled migration, and insufficient screening of migrants.

He stressed the need for the government and health organizations to prioritize this issue, emphasizing the importance of strengthening healthcare infrastructure and improving tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment services.

Dr. Dalkan also emphasized the necessity of regular, realistic, and scientifically sound screening methods for student and work permits, stating that the scientifically accepted method for screening should be the PPD test.

Furthermore, he urged the Ministry of Health to take effective measures based on scientific methods and accepted guidelines for combating tuberculosis, stating that only in this way can the spread of tuberculosis be halted and public health preserved.

Providing information about tuberculosis, Dr. Dalkan stated:

"Tuberculosis is an infectious disease transmitted through the air and can cause serious consequences, especially in individuals with weakened immune systems. Early diagnosis and effective treatment are vital in preventing the spread of tuberculosis and halting the progression of the disease. Additionally, regular medication adherence by patients is crucial, especially in preventing drug resistance."

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