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YSK Reveals Preliminary Results in Local Elections

YSK Reveals Preliminary Results in Local Elections

The Supreme Election Council (YSK) has announced the unconfirmed results of Türkiye's local elections held on March 31, revealing the participation rate standing at 78 percent.

Publish Date: 01/04/24 14:01
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YSK Reveals Preliminary Results in Local Elections
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In a breakdown of the results, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) secured 324 municipalities, closely followed by the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) with 322, while the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) claimed 110.

With a majority of votes counted, the Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) triumphed in 54 municipalities, and the New Welfare Party (YRP) and İYİ (Good) Party secured 37 and 23 municipalities, respectively. The Great Union Party (BBP) clinched victories in 12 municipalities.

Of the country's 81 provinces, the CHP emerged victorious in 35, followed by the AKP with 24. The DEM Party claimed 10 provinces and the MHP secured eight, while the YRP won in two provinces and the BBP triumphed in one.

In the realm of 30 metropolitan municipalities, the CHP secured 14 victories, followed closely by the AKP with 12, the DEM Party with three and the YRP with one.

The Democrat Party (DP) secured wins in two municipalities, while the Workers' Party of Türkiye (TİP), the Democracy and Progress Party (DEVA), the Democratic Left Party (DSP), the Felicity Party (SP) and the Left Party each claimed victory in one municipality. Independent candidates emerged victorious in nine constituencies.

"The elections were completed without any problems. With the announcement of the final results, the signed minutes will be made available to our citizens on our website," YSK head Ahmet Yener assured in a press release, reiterating the 78.11 percent turnout.

The local elections witnessed several transfers of power, with six metropolitan cities and 23 provincial centers transitioning between parties.

Notably, the CHP made substantial gains, especially in regions traditionally dominated by the AKP. The party's success was underscored by securing 37 percent of the votes, surpassing the AKP's 35 percent for the first time. The shift was particularly evident in areas such as Bursa, Balıkesir, Denizli, Uşak, Kütahya, Kırıkkale and Afyonkarahisar.

The CHP assumed control of three metropolitan municipalities and eight other provincial municipalities previously held by the AKP.

Moreover, it seized a metropolitan city and three provincial centers from the MHP, the second-largest party of the ruling People's Alliance.

Conversely, the AKP managed to wrestle control of Hatay from the CHP, while the MHP secured Kırklareli from the CHP by a narrow margin.

Within the ruling alliance, two provinces shifted allegiance from the AKP to the MHP, and two provinces moved from the MHP to the AKP.

The preliminary results also showcased the rise of the YRP, emerging as the third-largest party with 6.19 percent of the votes. However, some other parties experienced decreases in their overall vote share. The DEM Party garnered 5.68 percent, the MHP secured 4.98 percent and the İYİ Party saw a significant decline to 3.77 percent.


Source: Hürriyet Daily News 

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