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Serdinç Maypa Released on Bail Amidst Controversial Claims

Serdinç Maypa Released on Bail Amidst Controversial Claims

Serdinç Maypa, who was detained on charges of "Violation of Privacy" was ordered to be released pending trial, provided that he pays a cash bail of 35,000 TL and two guarantors sign bail bonds of 500,000 TL each. Maypa's lawyer objected to the 4-day extension request for his client's detention.

Publish Date: 02/04/24 11:32
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Serdinç Maypa Released on Bail Amidst Controversial Claims
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In court, Inspector Faysal Güden, from the Private Investigation Unit, testified that Serdinç Maypa was arrested for violating privacy and disseminating personal data. Police noted that initially Maypa was arrested based on complaints from the Contractors Union, Kıb-Tek, the Development Bank, and two insurance companies. They also stated that within the initial detention period of 3 days, an additional 8 individuals lodged complaints against Maypa for personal data breaches.

Further investigation revealed that Maypa had engaged in 2,586 chat conversations on his mobile phone and had 28,223 photos stored. Police also obtained audio samples related to videos circulating on social media. It was mentioned that during the initial detention period, 226 documents were seized from Maypa's office and home, including 24 documents from various state institutions. Among these documents, an English document with the emblem of the Contractors Union was found, although its authenticity was questioned.

Police disclosed that a separate investigation was initiated regarding a 1000-page notebook containing personal information, discovered in Maypa's home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They also stated that the Ministry of Health intended to file a complaint against Maypa concerning COVID-related documents. Investigations into how Maypa obtained these documents are ongoing.

In response to these claims, Maypa's lawyer argued that his client, as a journalist, had not committed murder and had brought the truth to light in the public interest. He criticized the police's focus on how the documents were obtained rather than their content.

Following deliberation, Judge Zehra Yalkut Bilgeç ruled that while there was evidence suggesting a possible offense, there was insufficient evidence to suggest Maypa's release would obstruct the investigation. Maypa was released on bail under specific conditions, including travel restrictions and weekly reporting to authorities.

The case has sparked debates about press freedom and privacy rights, with Maypa's lawyer maintaining that his client acted in the public interest. The investigation continues, focusing on how Maypa obtained sensitive information and whether any laws were violated in the process.

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