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"We Will Never Step Back from Our Current Position," Says President Tatar

"We Will Never Step Back from Our Current Position," Says President Tatar

President Ersin Tatar, ahead of his meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in New York on Friday, held talks with leaders of the political parties represented in the Republic Assembly.

Publish Date: 02/04/24 23:25
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"We Will Never Step Back from Our Current Position," Says President Tatar
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President Tatar, who met with Prime Minister, National Unity Party (UBP) Leader Ünal Üstel, Main Opposition Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Leader Tufan Erhürman, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism, Youth, and Environment, Democratic Party (DP) Leader Fikri Ataoğlu, Minister of Public Works and Transportation, and Rebirth Party (YDP) Leader Erhan Arıklı, made a statement after the one-hour meeting at the Presidential Palace that began around 1:00 PM.

President Tatar noted that he discussed the latest developments regarding the Cyprus issue with the political party leaders who participated in the meeting.

Stating that following Guterres' recent meeting with the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Hristodulis in Brussels within the framework of his discussions with EU Heads of State and Government, they also requested a meeting and conveyed to the UN that it was necessary under the principle of equality, President Tatar said, "Upon this request, the next morning, I was given an appointment for a meeting in Brussels, but it was not possible for me to reach there. Therefore, upon our insistence, we were given an appointment at the UN Headquarters on Friday afternoon, April 5th."

President Tatar, who will depart from the island tomorrow for Washington to hold a series of meetings, and then proceed to New York in the evening, stated that he would return to the island after meeting with Guterres.

Regarding the news in today's newspapers in South Cyprus stating, "Tatar is going to America, Guterres will present the proposals accepted by the South Cyprus Leader and will pressure Tatar to accept them," President Tatar described the news as far-fetched speculation and said:

"UN Secretary-General's Personal Representative Angela Holguin Cuellar completed only the third month of her six-month term, consultations are ongoing. She will visit us for the third time in April. I am expecting a date from her; we have agreed on that."

Emphasizing that Holguin was tasked with exploring whether there is a common ground between the parties to start negotiations, President Tatar underscored that negotiations could begin with the affirmation of the sovereign equality and equal international status of the Turkish Cypriot side.

President Tatar stressed that if there is to be a final, fair, permanent, and sustainable solution in Cyprus, it will inevitably be a two-state solution.

Expressing their determination to maintain the national policy they have developed in harmony and consultation with Turkey, President Tatar criticized the fact that, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 186, only the Republic of Cyprus has been recognized as the legitimate government on the island since March 4, 1964.

President Tatar explained the injustices suffered by Turkish Cypriots since 1960, when the Treaties recognizing the existence of two separate and distinct peoples on the island were disregarded, and Turkish Cypriots were subjected to isolation and exclusion.

Regarding the promises made to Turkish Cypriots before the Annan Plan but not kept, President Tatar said, "The injustices done to the Turkish Cypriot people have continued to grow and accumulate step by step until today."

Stating that all kinds of processes have been experienced and exhausted, President Tatar said, "Now, with a new politics, a new understanding, a new vision, the idea of ​​a two-state solution has emerged. The Turkish side has embraced this as a national policy. Therefore, we will go to New York and remind Guterres that the position we have reached in our negotiations with Holguin, the need to lift embargoes and isolations, how a negotiation process can be initiated, the necessity for the continuation of the two-state policy we have been pursuing for three years, if there is to be an agreement, it can only be achieved through cooperation between two states, and within the framework of our search for common ground with Holguin, we will remind her that she needs to make a decision."

President Tatar stated that a situation assessment could be made regarding the lifting of embargoes and isolations and the start of direct flights at this stage, and emphasized that they have expressed their requests in this regard.

President Tatar also expressed his gratitude to the meeting participants for their attendance and said that he would provide information to the Assembly upon his return from New York if desired.

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