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Erhürman Urges Clarification on 'banned Turkish Cypriot citizens to Enter Turkey' Issue and Diplomas

Erhürman Urges Clarification on 'banned Turkish Cypriot citizens to Enter Turkey' Issue and Diplomas

Addressing the Republic Assembly under Article 62 of the internal regulations, CTP leader Tufan Erhürman pointed to the tensions in the region, including those between Israel, Iran, and others, stating that this has become a threat to peace in the region.

Publish Date: 15/04/24 15:15
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Erhürman Urges Clarification on 'banned Turkish Cypriot citizens to Enter Turkey' Issue and Diplomas
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Erhürman emphasized that the problems between the parties have reached a point where they threaten everyone, expressing their support for the Cyprus process initiated by the UN on the island and in the region.

Regarding the issue of invalid diplomas, Erhürman mentioned that there is a perception that investigations into this matter will be covered up. He stressed the need for a country-wide investigation into the diploma issue and suggested that the Police General Directorate should inform the public, and the Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation, and Coordination Council (YÖDAK) should conduct the necessary research in coordination with the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). Erhürman emphasized that these steps are necessary to change the perception in the public eye.

Erhürman highlighted the importance of higher education as the lifeblood of the country and underscored the need for proper management of educational institutions.

Regarding recent changes in immigration permits, Erhürman pointed out that these changes have created hardships, stating that an unforeseen environment has been created for people due to the lack of proper processes and oversight.

Erhürman emphasized that without considering the system as a whole, solutions to these issues cannot be found, and he noted that the number of illegal immigrants is unknown.

Erhürman also mentioned the incident in Güzelyurt and stated that if it had not come to light, this flawed process would have continued without any problems. He stressed the importance of establishing a proper system.

Alongside criticism of the system, Erhürman made suggestions aimed at protecting individuals, emphasizing the importance of education, oversight, program planning, and implementation.

"Fear of Being Unable to Enter Turkey"

Erhürman also addressed another "troubling issue," the situation of citizens being unable to enter Turkey, noting that many political opponents in the country have concerns about "being unable to enter Turkey." Erhürman stated that this is incorrect and that there is no one who poses a security threat. He questioned whether this situation will continue and called for a statement to be made in the Assembly.

Erhürman stated that it is not right for those who go to Turkey with their families or plan to go to Turkey to do so with anxiety, and he emphasized that legally, this is not correct. He provided examples from Turkish laws and emphasized the need to inform individuals who have difficulties entering Turkey.

Erhürman also stated that this is not correct from the perspective of the Republic of Turkey, and it is not acceptable to ban entry into the country due to one's political views. He called for these individuals to be informed along with the reasons behind it.

Erhürman emphasized the necessity for the administration to provide information on this matter, stating that this issue has become painful and is damaging relations between the two countries.

In conclusion, Erhürman stated that they expect explanations from the Police and YÖDAK regarding the diploma issue and from the authorities of the Republic of Turkey regarding the banning of citizens.


Source: TAK

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