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AHDR debuts ‘Look for the Story’ anti-racism campaign

AHDR debuts ‘Look for the Story’ anti-racism campaign

The Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR) is excited to unveil its latest initiative, the ‘Look for the Story’ Anti-Racism Campaign.

Publish Date: 22/05/24 13:55
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AHDR debuts ‘Look for the Story’ anti-racism campaign
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Implemented by a team of experts from both sides of the island, this innovative project aims to challenge stereotypes, foster empathy, and promote social cohesion across the divide in Cyprus by highlighting stories that are often dismissed or underrepresented when prejudice prevails.

With the motto “Whose story haven’t you heard, yet?” and the hashtag #look4thestory, the campaign seeks to ignite conversations and reflections on the significance of understanding diverse perspectives and embracing inclusivity.

The ‘Look for the Story’ campaign sets out to challenge stereotypes and dismantle prejudices through witty and artful content. By presenting narratives in a playful and engaging manner, the campaign wishes to foster empathy, understanding, and acceptance among individuals from diverse backgrounds. Ultimately, the goal is to help create a culture of inclusivity and respect where diversity is celebrated and valued.

The campaign will address five different forms of racism prevalent in society, including in relation to religion, LGBTQI rights, immigration, class segregation, and nationalism.

“The ‘Look for the Story’ campaign is not just about raising awareness; it’s about sparking meaningful dialogue and action,” says Loizos Loukaidis, Director at AHDR. “By highlighting stories that are often overlooked or disregarded when prejudice prevails, collectively we can inspire positive change and create a more inclusive society. Our goal is to encourage individuals to question their assumptions, challenge their biases, and embrace the rich variety of experiences that make up our community.”

This project is implemented by the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR), and is funded by the Federal Foreign Office of the Republic of Germany. The views expressed in the context of this campaign do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the donors.

The AHDR expresses its gratitude to the media company Neydi Olacagi (Mehmet Ekin Vaiz, Gülşen Erçin) and communications expert Chara Zymara, for the design and production of the campaign.

For more information and updates on the campaign, follow AHDR on social media (@ahdrcy, @Ahdr Cy) and visit our website at


Source: Cyprus Mail 

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