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KSTU Verdict to be Announced on June 27

KSTU Verdict to be Announced on June 27

The preliminary hearing in the 'corruption' case against Serdal Gündüz, a minority partner of Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University, and his assistant Berke Özbek concluded today at Güzelyurt District Court. The verdict is set to be announced on June 27.

Publish Date: 24/06/24 14:44
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KSTU Verdict to be Announced on June 27
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The preliminary hearing at Güzelyurt District Court, where Serdal Gündüz and Berke Özbek are being tried in custody, concluded today. The first decision in the case will be announced on June 27.

During the trial, a total of eight witnesses testified, with the last witness, police officer Örtunç Özbaylı, giving testimony over four sessions. Özbaylı, who began his testimony on June 13, completed it by June 24, presenting 50 pieces of evidence to the court.

The defense attorneys for the defendants, Doğa Zeki and Hasan Yücelen, did not object to the evidence and witness testimonies presented over the four sessions.

In the session presided over by Judge Gülay Süleymanoğlu Uğur, Prosecutor Damla Güçlü represented the Chief Prosecutor’s Office. During today's final session, witness Özbaylı presented 18 pieces of evidence, with the hearing lasting one and a half hours.



Source: Yenidüzen

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